Areas We Cover

We are proud to be able to say that we can truly cater for hog or spit roast function at any location in the entire British Isles. Utilising a system of depots in order to maximise our coverage, we can delve into the very corners of our beautiful country, or collection of countries if geography is a pursuit of yours!

Our depot system forms part of a culmination of many years of hard work. Initially our catering outfit began as one singular entity which travelled far and wide in order to bestow beautiful food and great service to the people it catered for. Though The Spitting Pig had this start, it quickly became apparent that, due to our ever increasing popularity within the catering trade, that we needed to branch out and spread our wings in order to propel ourselves into new and different regions within the United Kingdom.

Eventually becoming our depot system, this method had numerous ways in through which we could maintain our position at the forefront of all things relating to the brilliant and sometimes eccentric world of hog roasting.

See below for a list of our main depot locations across the UK:

Tailored and bespoke hog roast catering supplies

Firstly, our insistence on using this method allows for our staff working and living in the region to have and to hold a wealth of local information. Committing themselves wholeheartedly towards the pursuit of hog and spit roasting at its optimum level, our staff in our depots often use this local knowledge in their sourcing of seasonal ingredients and the meat products we use. Helping in the sphere of customer confidence, it allows now, as it has done since the beginning with the depot system, to aid in the organic building of relationships within the customer base that grew, and continues to grow, larger in each of our many areas which we service with our tailored and bespoke hog roast catering supplies. Due to fuel being the record high in terms of the price demanded at the petrol pump, this system of utilising depots in various areas and regions has become even more beneficial.

Due to the shift in global trade patterns, green initiatives and western government’s pseudo-logical approach in terms of trying to react to the problem of global warming, fuel prices have reached a zenith which has never been seen before. Compounded by the apparent decrease in the amount of oil which can be obtained as easily as it was before, the fuel price situation is not likely to improve, in fact the opposite is far more likely to manifest itself. In order to minimise the cost incurred to our customers, the depot system allows us to go further in terms of the geographical locations which fall into our spheres of culinary accessibility. Not only this, but it also allows us to drive down our fuel bill as we effectively have to travel a much shorter distance whilst being able to get much further in terms of our commitment to you.

The Main Towns And Cities We Cover

Please find your town below to find out more about your local catering.

If your town isn’t on the list, fear not as we can still reach your party location and turn your catered event into a work of culinary splendour.