Areas We Cover

We are proud to be able to say that we can truly cater for hog or spit roast function at any location in the entire British Isles. Utilising a system of depots in order to maximise our coverage, we can delve into the very corners of our beautiful country, or collection of countries if geography is a pursuit of yours!

Our depot system forms part of a culmination of many years of hard work. Initially our catering outfit began as one singular entity which travelled far and wide in order to bestow beautiful food and great service to the people it catered for. Though The Spitting Pig had this start, it quickly became apparent that, due to our ever increasing popularity within the catering trade, that we needed to branch out and spread our wings in order to propel ourselves into new and different regions within the United Kingdom.

Eventually becoming our depot system, this method had numerous ways in through which we could maintain our position at the forefront of all things relating to the brilliant and sometimes eccentric world of hog roasting.

See below for a list of our main depot locations across the UK:


Tailored and bespoke hog roast catering supplies

The fact that we now have 36 Spitting Pig depots across the UK is a testament to the success of our business model and the growing popularity of our hog roast catering services on a national level. Establishing a UK-wide network of local depots, rather than having one core team travelling long distances across the country, is beneficial for our business, for local food producers, and most importantly for our clients, as well as helping us to reduce our carbon footprint.

As our local teams live and work in each area that we cater in themselves, they are able to forge excellent relationships with local venues and suppliers, as well as developing a superb instinct for knowing exactly what our clients want. We are able utilise the best locally sourced ingredients and seasonal produce and ensure that we stay completely on point with what our clients in each area expect from our catering services.

Each of our depots are capable of running a number of events simultaneously each day, as well as being able to cater across a multitude of different sites on a daily basis. By utilising our local resources, we are able to limit the geographical distance we have to cover to provide our catering services, which means that we can cater for many more events on the same day, whilst also remaining an environmentally responsible business. This is particularly ideal for corporate catering for example, as we can provide excellent mobile catering services across multiple company sites at the same time, whilst guaranteeing the same high quality food for all of the delegates. In order to maintain our unbeatable standard of food and service, all of the catering teams across Spitting Pig’s local depots receive comprehensive ongoing training and development so ensure every plate of food we create is consistently well-made with fantastic fresh ingredients and beautifully presented, whichever part of the UK we are catering in.

The Main Towns And Cities We Cover

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If your town isn’t on the list, fear not as we can still reach your party location and turn your catered event into a work of culinary splendour.