Hog Roast Taunton

At Hog Roast Taunton we’ve put together the kind of delightful food experience that only comes round once in a lifetime, and always lives long in the memory as a fond occasion to savour. We are an event caterer with a twist; by specialising in fine roast meats and a chef special hog roast we’ve refined a dining and catering style that harkens back to old finer traditions and provides an unforgettable spectacle of both taste and flair to your events in Taunton.

Our hog roast is a spectacular dish made using a genuine spit roaster, which if you don’t know what kind of difference such a traditional fire cooker makes to a roast then you are most assuredly in for a treat.

For us the spit roaster provides a novel roasting experience to our service which has proven invaluable to our customers and business. Its fiery brilliance puts on a fine display as your hog roast slow cooks throughout the day in a sizzling spectacle that gets you justifiably excited for the dishes to come. If such a display isn’t enough to dazzle, fortunately the resultant taste more than matches its brilliance as your hog roast comes to a servable perfection of glorious crispy texture around the pork skin and flavoursome meat inside bursting with juicy tenderness and mouth-watering taste.

Hog Roast Taunton caters to all manner of events, and our pricing allows us to remain flexible to any type of budget too without blocking quality. So for your weddings, festivals, corporate parties, birthday and more be sure to call Hog Roast Taunton!

Terrific Tastes in Taunton

At Hog Roast Taunton we endeavour to satisfy every one of our guests. That’s why though we will always recommend our speciality hog roast, we will never limit you on options. We have a full range of dishes to go into our buffet and set-menu options so that you can find the combination that meets all of your requirements. Any variety of meats, vegan options, vegetarian and gluten-free – we provide top quality options for all! Our team are ready with an expert food knowledge to helpfully provide food recommendations based on your event style and needs.

With a service this brilliant you cannot afford to miss out just for negligence, so be sure to call Hog Roast Taunton today while bookings still last!