Hog Roast Catering


Picture the scene, the sun is shining down from a clear blue sky with just a few white fluffy clouds floating by. You are having a nice relaxing cup of tea looking out of the kitchen window down into the garden. The hog roast catering team have just finished erecting their gazebo, the delicious aroma of slowly roasting hog is drifting in through the open window. You relax in your chair and read the paper thinking to yourself what a great idea it was to choose the Spitting Pig to do the catering for my party.

Why Choose Spitting Pig?

The Spitting Pig Company offers a wide range of wedding catering, marquee catering and party catering menus to suit every taste and budget. Whether it’s an informal gathering after a wedding or a full blown banquet with up to 3,000 in attendance we can cater for your needs, your tastes and your budget. And even if none of our menus suit your tastes, we’ll happily work with you to develop a new menu with everything from reception drinks to evening buffets. As well as offering traditional wedding food we are able to offer our delicious wedding hog roast. There’s nothing like it in terms of visual effect and the succulent taste.

We will do everything: provide the food, the spit roast machines, the chef, the waiting staff and even the plates and cutlery. A wedding hog roast tastes amazing, and our range of six menus provides for all tastes, not just meat lovers but vegetarians and other dietary needs.

Corporate Hog Roast Catering

Our Corporate hospitality marquee catering packages are also becoming really popular. We can organise your whole event from small events where you want just a snack in a roll to indoor and outdoor buffets, to larger formal dinners with sit down meals. From our range of 5 menu’s there are many choices in everything from the Canapés to desert ensuring that your guests receive something they’ll love. The two main courses served buffet style include spit roasted pig, lamb, turkey, chicken, sirloin of beef, or whole roast salmon with delicious sides making a delicious meal that will undoubtedly impress all of your guests. There’s no better way to impress your clients and to motivate your staff than a dining experience they’ll never forget.

Spitting Pig & The Hog Roasting Industry

The origins of spitting Pigs involvement in the hog roasting industry go right back to the very beginning of hog roasting in the UK. A chap called Charlie went on a round the world trip after Unervicity on this trip he travelled extensively and worked in Australia where he came across Spit Roasting. Back then one of the only machines available was the wheel an roast built in Australia so Charlie bought two and sent them home figuring it would be fun to do after his travels. When he returned to the Uk he had two big boxes waiting for him having no idea how to build a hog roast machine he got his friend Henry who had been travelling with him to give him a hand.

Together they built the machines then the real fun began how on earth do you cook a pig? Well then began a journey of trial and error until the two decided they where ready to let themselves loose on the unsuspecting general public. It was decided to do a friends party this went really well. Perhaps we are onto something the friends thought next came a battered old transit van then the friends were in business. They went from strength to strength and decided they needed help so another friend Sebastian was roped into help.

Having spent all summer sleeping in the back of the transit van cooking pigs Charlie and Henry decided it was time to join the real world and get a job. Sebastian however could see the potential and decided to turn a small time fun hog roast company into a proper commercial concern. He had plans, yet another friend Adam was enlisted to help and these two set about becoming the UK’s leading provider of hog roast catering in all its forms. Selling to the public at fairs and on the street at markets and also doing parties initially for family and friends then spreading their net throughout the UK, Northern Spit Roast was born.