Hog Roast Weston-Super-Mare

For a unique food experience delivered at an affordable cost to your next event in Somerset’s seaside beauty of Weston-super-Mare then look no further the fine team here at Hog Roast Weston-super-Mare. Hog Roast Weston-super-Mare is a quality caterer specialising in the finest slow roasted meats available on the market as we deliver our special bran of spit roasted meats.

Hire us for any type of event: with weddings, corporate functions, anniversary dinners, festivals and more under our belt, the team here at Hog Roast Weston-super-Mare can guarantee a unique and special service for your event – no matter its size or budget. We put a premium on quality without incurring the additional premium costs onto you!

Our fan favourite hog roast is a dish like no other; what makes us different from other caterers is the time and effort we put into a unique dish not found in other places. With our hog roast you are receiving a dish that has been curated and perfected over many years; our top team of chefs freshly prepare and slow-cook your meats on our premium mobile spit-roaster, ensuring that after many hours of cooking your hog roast is perfectly cooked throughout and teeming with delightful texture and mouth-watering flavour.

Why not upgrade your next day out at the beach in Weston-super-Mare? Leave your sandwiches at home and instead look forward to one of our freshly made pulled pork rolls that will set you up a brilliantly for a bit and drink by the sea. Or if you’re gearing up for the grand Weston Country Carnival while not fill yourself up with one of our exquisite Sunday roasts that will see you right all through the night!

Quality Made Right for Weston-super-Mare

Our catering services cover a wide range of food palates and taste needs. With many meat, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free mains, sides, salads and more, our guests will never find themselves limited in choice. There is quality in every single one of our food items, and so we know the choice may be hard to pick out your very own buffet or set menu listing for your event which is why our expert team are always on hand with their brilliant recommendations. They’ll find you a perfect dining experience personal to your event!

So don’t delay, call Hog Roast Weston-super-Mare today and plan ahead!