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As the manufacture of a large range of hogroast machines and the proprietor of the largest hog roast catering franchise in the UK, we can offer you the perfect environment to learn about which hog machine to purchase and train you with the ins outs of running a hog roast catering business.
See all available Hog Roast Machines new and used in one location at our indoor showrooms.

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The Hogmaster a favourite with caterers and venues for its ease of use. The Titan famous the world over for its versatility and tough build quality. The Platinum great for large events or cooking multiple products at the same time. READ MORE

Spitting Pig Catering Franchise

We operate a nationwide catering franchise cooking hundreds of pigs throughout the UK every week. This means we are constantly using and developing our equipment every day ourselves. Become a Spitting Pig Approved supplier and receive Work from Spitting Pig. READ MORE.

Training You:

A big part of entering the world of hog roasting is gaining the knowledge needed to run a hog roast catering business and operate your new hog roast machine. This is an area we excel at and can help you with. READ MORE

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We Cover All the Extras:

We understand buying your Hog Roast Machine is just the start of the journey. Using the buying power and knowledge of our Hog Roast Catering Franchise we can also help you to buy the other products needed such as pigs, gas and diesel, at a great discount. READ MORE


Our Factory And Servicing Centre:

At our state of the art facility we have a showroom full of new and used Hog Roast Machines, this gives you the opportunity to view lots of different machines all at the same location. You can also get equipment repaired or serviced while you wait. READ MORE

Looking for a hog roast machine for hire or sale? Your search stops here at The Spitting Pig – the worlds leading hog roast machine manufacturer!

We manufacture and develop hog roast and spit roast machines at our state of the art facility in Lancashire. Not only are we the worlds leading manufacturer we are also the biggest user of our own equipment through the Spitting Pig hog roast catering franchise.

What this means is we are using our own equipment every day 365 days a year throughout the UK. Continually testing and developing our existing range and new ideas. We brought out the original hog roast conversions, bbq attachments, serve over counter etc.

We lead whilst others follow. So if you want the best possible equipment at the best possible prices come direct to the manufacturers.

Visit our show room and see all available hog roast machines in one great location.


The Best Range Of Hog Roast Machines

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Platinum Hog Roast Machine
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Professional Hog Roast Machine

The Spitting Pig Story

team spitting pigHi my name is Stephen Marsden and I am the owner of Spitting Pig. Like many of you I started out as a hog roast caterer, from a small beginning in 1988 I quickly grew my business to cover the whole of the UK including Ireland and a few trips each year into Europe following events such as Formula One Racing.

I always made my own hog roast machines and whist out working people would ask me could I make one for them. This quickly developed into a new side line for my catering business. Eventually becoming as big as the catering business and incorporating a training facility. In 2007 I then made the decision to franchise the catering business so that I could concentrate on the manufacture and training.

Starting off with the Thor and Titan models, we opened our factory in 2005 enabling us to do much more research and development, what quickly followed was the Hogmaster and Platinum range and we have never looked back. We then developed the Olympian which can be used indoors or outdoors and more recently the Hogmaster Pro range for small business and home use.

FullSizeRenderWhat you get when you buy a hog roast machine from Spitting Pig is our 30 years of experience running a hog roast catering business. This means I understand completely the challenges you will face each day you are out catering. This has enabled us to build a whole range of hog roast machines each one having specific strong points.

Once you contact us we will chat with you about your business ideas and this will enable us to help you chose the correct machine or machines for you. We can then help with general guidance for cooking and serving and if needed advice on running a hog roast catering company.

We also offer training days where you get to spend the whole day with the Spitting Pig team at our head office where we will cook a pig with you and all the accompaniments including salad and veg. We will then invite people round for lunch so you can then get experience at serving at a real live event.

jamesAt our factory in Lancashire we actually do manufacture our hog roast equipment, unlike others we are not having them built abroad cheaply or simply taking photos of someone else’s facility with our equipment temporarily in position.

Feel free to visit whenever you are passing there is no need to make an appointment. Everybody who visits the factory are always glad they did as you get to see a large range of different machines in the same place at the same time and you can check out all the different attributes of all the machines.

You can see our team making the machines and get the confidence of knowing how well built they are and see our great stock holding levels of machines and spare parts all available for next day delivery.

Picture 4 Hogmaster Glass BBQ Table Food Chef -TFFor the perfect Hog roast barbeque event the hog roast machine we offer includes four main types of hog roast machine ranges including Hogmaster – the budget range, Titan range, Platinum super versatile will cook 2 pigs at the same time, the Hogmaster Pro for the home user and the Olympian which can be used indoors or outdoors. Whichever you choose to buy or for hog roast machine hire, you will not be disappointed.

The Spitting Pigs’ knowledge of cooking meats is unrivalled and this is reflected in the design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities of the hog roast machines for sale that we supply. It would also be good to note that all of our hog roast hire machines comply fully with all of the latest food regulations.

With the Spitting Pig you can rest assured that you have made the right decision for when choosing your hog roast machine. From our customer service, to our costings, service and simply the experience that we’ve had in the business, We are your first choice for hog roast hire. Get in touch today or browse throughout full ranges on the website.