Hog Roast Ware

For one of the oldest occupied residencies in all of Europe, it is only right to serve up a dish for your events that may just about rival Ware in historic longevity. Hog Roast Ware are here for your events with (as you might guess) an exquisite speciality in hog roast dining and stylish event catering. The hog roast is a classic dish that dates back centuries, and even in all that time this pork beauty still leaves us all speechless with its great spectacle and great tastes.

Hog Roast WareThe simple yet elegant pork serving brings stylish slow cooking and grand spectacle to the day along with incredible crisp and tender textures well balanced in one ultimately perfect dish. With Hog Roast Ware you’re getting the novel hog roast experience with a genuine hog roast slow cook done in the traditional spit style. There’s little else quite like it, and luckily for you we bring this unique dining experience to all manner of special occasions. Weddings, corporate functions, birthdays, festivals and so much more!

Quality is in the name of everything we do, from our expert team to our top of the range meats – we always strive for ever increasing standards. But, most importantly, that extra quality does not come with the price-tag to match, since we always work to your budget and ensure our premium service is affordable. Quite simply we just don’t want anyone to miss out on Hog Roast Ware!


Wondrous event dining in Ware


Hog Roast WareHog Roast Ware is devoted to making every special event a truly unique and novel affair. Our way of doing things is different from your average caterer. We opt for proper slow cooking and exceptional solutions over whatever is quickest and perhaps cheapest or easiest. Hog roast dining deserves all the time and respect that we afford to it, because quite simply the results just would not be the same if we were to cut corners. You’ll notice the difference instantly with every bite – if a job is worth doing it is certainly worth doing right with Hog Roast Ware!

We’ll ensure your day is fed and served as required with a range of exceptional foods and a grandstanding hog roast to ultimately top it all off! So don’t wait around – call Hog Roast Ware today!