Hog Roast Saltash

For the town of Saltash we here at Hog Roast Saltash have a fine salty charred treat just for your events! Yes, we cook up the most magnificent, salty and flavoursome hog roast you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing or eating for those special occasions in your life. Gather friends, family, co-workers all around the Hog Roast Saltash brilliant hog roaster and prepare yourself for the best show in town. This is event dining the way it is meant to be enjoyed! Fantastic foods, superb stylish service, and one hell of a spectacle to top it all off – what could be better? For the gateway to Cornwall enjoy a delicious gateway to a new way to dine!

Hog Roast SaltashFor us, the hog roast is the perfect dish for the demands of large-scale event dining as it delivers everything you need: spectacle, traditionality, unique style, great taste, and, above all, high quality in high volume. With our very own hog roast machines the beloved hog roast taste and texture has never been easier to obtain, no matter where we are! Our mobile Hog Master and Titan machines let us hit the road with ease and still cook up the best hog roasts in the country alongside a smattering of delicious, barbecued foods and other roast fancies. So, whether you’re in need for a wedding, corporate function, private party or otherwise give a call on over to the fine team here at Hog Roast Saltash today.


Stylish Servings in Saltash



Hog Roast SaltashWith a host of meat dishes, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free foods there’s something to be enjoyed for everyone, no matter their palate. For your event in Saltash choose to dine in an all-out buffet with guests free to reign over our fine sides, salads, and more, or work with our team to refine a perfect set-menu just for your event! The team here knows all things food, so don’t hesitate to turn to them today! We’ll create the perfect event package just for you to suit your service style and food needs.

Hog Roast Saltash is making event dining a special event of its own, so get on down today!