Hog Roast Lichfield

For a stylish way to dine at your next event come on over to the fine team here at Hog Roast Lichfield. As our name suggests we are specialists in the traditional hog roast however at Hog Roast Lichfield we have worked tirelessly over the years to infuse this once simple classic with the kind of versatility, efficiency, brilliance and flair of a modern take demands. The result has been the most exquisite hog roast that has seen many an event impressed by its meaty and crispy delights.

Our hog roast brings a fashionable new way to dine for all of your weddings, festivals, corporate events, private garden parties, birthdays and more! The Hog Roast Lichfield way to dine is a unique and novel experience that also conveniently does not break the bank either – even despite its premium experience! Blending traditionality with modern methods, Hog Roast Lichfield is changing up both the roasting game and the catering market! Ensure your part of the new food revolution by booking your place now!

With Hog Roast Lichfield the concept is really quite simple at its core, but its brilliance is endless. We bring a full freshly prepared hog to your event and get to cooking. A proper hog roast takes time, but thankfully the versatility of our machines also allows for a simultaneous roasting and barbecuing of many other meats and foods with equally exceptional results. We’ll serve you up a dynamic meal suited to your event and guaranteed to impress with high quality even in high volume events! It couldn’t be any better than this!

Premium Dining in Lichfield

Hog Roast Lichfield believe in quality and flexibility all throughout our service. Joining our hog roast speciality is a massive array of menu items all available for your eating pleasure. With plenty of meat, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options you and your guests are most assuredly spoiled for choice since every set-menu and buffet option comes at the same guaranteed high quality. We’ll find a food combination perfect just for your event with our expertise in all things delicious tasting!

This is premium dining without the premium price, so get calling today!