Hog Roast Newark on Trent

Would you like to treat your guests to an unforgettable hog roast feast and a varied menu for an upcoming event in Newark-on-Trent? If you want only the very best for your guests when it comes to the catering for your event, hiring the Hog Roast Newark-on-Trent team is the answer! There are several very good reasons why we are considered to be the number one hog roast company in Newark-on-Trent. We are committed to giving each and every one of our diners the highest standard of freshly made food and the most beautifully cooked pork they have ever tasted. We never cut corners on the quality of our meat or in our patient and precise preparation methods, and the results speak for themselves! We have converted many people in Newark-on-Trent into hog roast enthusiasts, and if you are a pork fan, we can guarantee that it will be your dream catering option!

Unbeatable hog roast catering and bespoke menus

If you have guests who aren’t able to eat pork, or your event would be better suited to a more formal menu, the Hog Roast Newark-on-Trent team have got it covered! Whilst the majority of our clients want our mouth-watering hog roasts to be the star of the show for their event, we appreciate that our customers often require diversity within their menu. We have always ensured our food appeals to a variety of tastes and caters for different diets, and our versatile catering team thrive on the challenge of rustling up a broad spectrum of dishes on a daily basis.

We are able to make all of our food from scratch on-site in any type of outdoor setting in Newark-on-Trent and a wide range of indoor venues too. So, whether you are planning a large outdoor party, an elegant wedding reception in a marquee or a corporate event at your own business premises, we will be able to cater there and provide you with your ideal menu when we get there!

If you want to experience hog roast catering at its finest whilst also benefitting from a varied menu that will please everyone, the Hog Roast Newark-on-Trent team are able to deliver on all fronts when it comes to event catering in Nottinghamshire!