Hog Roast Deal

Bringing a stylish range of barbecued bites and roasted delights, Hog Roast Deal is shaking up the game with a new way to dine for your events in Kent and Deal. As our name brand suggests, we’re specialists in all thing’s pork and hog roasting as we transform the traditional fire pit roast into a new, neatly packaged way to cook and cater with quality.

Our very own hog roasting machines take on the same basic fundamentals of our ancestor’s roast cooking, but now the Hog Master and Titan roast machines bring with them the freshness of easy mobility, versatility, and efficiency of modern tech to create an unrivalled hog roast, as your food comes gleaming with perfect crispy pork skin texture and delicate and juicy meat. The hog roast is primed for event dining as our methods allow for incredible quality even in high volumes. So, for your weddings, corporate events, festivals, anniversary dinners, social club nights and more get rocking on over to Hog Roast Deal now! We’re the best name in the business.

Our unique way of doing things here at Hog Roast Deal has pushed us quickly toward being the nation’s favourite for event catering. We bring the personal touch to our service and allow our customers the satisfaction of feeling fully valued as part of our process. We’ll happily teach you all you need to know about our foods and roast cooking or help set you up with our team to take care of everything for you! Hog Roast Deal brings versatility in abundance so that your event goes exactly as you want it!

Delicious Delights in Deal

Our centre piece hog roast is an exciting affair fit for every occasion. It brings high quality in high volume to meet the demands of even the biggest events around town. With spectacle and dazzling flair to add to the mix the hog roast makes for an event all by itself, but we would be nothing without our full complement of brilliant meaty sides, vegan varieties, veggie mains, sides, salads and more! No one leaves a Hog Roast Deal affair disappointed, and, if anything, they’ll be clamouring for oh so much more!

So, get in on the action today by calling the fine team at Hog Roast Deal now!