Hog Roast Shotton

Hog Roast ShottonWelcome to Hog Roast Shotton! You’ve probably landed on our page because you’re on the lookout for a catering service in your local area – so we’d love to tell you what we can offer you. Hog roasting is an extremely popular type of catering that has fed guests for generations at all manner of events, from weddings to christenings, anniversaries and even business events. So, we can assure you that this type of catering will be a hit with your guests at the event you have in mind.


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If you enjoy unique experiences and going above and beyond to make your special event one-of-a-kind, trying some of Hog Roast Shotton’s slow-roasted pork is an absolute must. Thanks to our two decades of industry experience and quality of meat, we have gained a reputation as being the number one supplier of hog roasts in the region. We have the passion to provide the very best food possible and due to being perfectionists, we will not settle for anything less than top-class.

Hog Roast ShottonAlthough we are famed for our hog roasts, we don’t just stop there when it come to our menus. We want to give our customers a good all-round catering experience, which means we offer a selection of menus to you to choose from. If you aren’t satisfied with a traditional hog, we won’t be offended as you can choose from other meats including chicken, beef, fish, duck and lamb to name just a few. What’s more, those with dietary requirements are also catered for with special vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free menus which are available upon request.

All that’s left for you to do is get in touch with us. Due to our nationwide popularity and ability to cater across the country, Hog Roast Shotton gets booked extremely quickly, so we’d hate for you to miss out. If you have any queries, our friendly team will be able to answer them for you and if you’d like to make a booking – even better! We’ll get your special date pencilled in our diary.