Hog Roast Machines Delivery

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we need a £500 + VAT depot to secure delivery date

Delivery Payment
We require cleared funds 48hours prior to delivery

We offer a 7days full money-back guarantee if you are not completely
satisfied with your machine. Just return it back to our depot in perfect
condition and we’ll give you a full refund.

Delivery costs:

Free delivery by courier within7 working days anywhere in uk
Express delivery by courier available from £100+VAT
Free delivery by courier within 14 working days {subject to Location}
Express delivery by courier available at £200 +  VAT

Prices from £250+Vat within 28 working days

All Spitting Pig machines, parts and accessories are available for next working day delivery. Machines can be delivered in a secure box on a wooden pallet by TNT, we can give you a tracking number so you can see exactly where your deliver is, or by one of our drivers assembled or in a box. If you are not happy with your purchase return it to us within seven days in the same condition and we will give you a full refund. You can save money on your purchase by collecting your goods from one of our depots in Dumfries, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford, Gloucester, Plymouth, Portsmouth or London. We ask for cleared funds before delivering goods. You can pay by card over the phone, bacs, cheque or cash. All our machines come with all the gas parts fully assembled and ready to use simply connect up a gas bottle and away you go.

When our customers buy one of our hog roast machines they do so for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that all of our machines are available now on shelves, they are stock items and we can have any machine or any part or accessories delivered anywhere in the uk the very next day. We have learnt over the years that the delivery of our machines is vital to our customer service. With the machine sales we always try and deliver our machines personally so our customers can ask us first hand any questions, no matter how small about there new machine.

But for the machine sales further afield, like the rest of Europe or even the customers that need there new machine right away and are not that fussed about one of our team being there to deliver the machine, or to our existing customers that already have our equipment and know exactly how to use our machines we use tnt, we have a unique agreement with tnt for our deliveries that ensures your machine will arrive at the time you want it delivered in perfect condition. We have a great relationship with TNT, an understanding as to what our customers want and need from us and indeed them, and because of this mutual understanding, we have thousands of happy customers from Bradford to Bristol, who come back to us again and again for there machines, accessories and parts.

All of our machines are delivered with a cd of “how to” use your machine, which comes complete with all the information you need to use and get the most out of your machine. It has pictures showing you how to put your pig on the pole, how to carve your pig, commonly asked questions, everything you need. And the reason it comes on a cd is so you can print it out and give it to your customers if you ever choose to hire your machine out to people. It’s things like this that make us stand out from the crowd, we know that giving you this information not only helps you the first time you come to use your machine or if you ever need to know anything or your hire customer needs to know anything it really makes the difference.

Even our parts are next day delivery items. We are unique as a hog roast machine manufacturer, not only are we the largest in the country, but we are the only hog roast machine manufacturer who builds everything in house and stocks all the individual pieces that goes in to making our machines. Everything from the glass in the doors to the bolts on the wheels are stock items, so if you do have an accident or a lot more commonly lose a part from your machine, with one phone call to us the part is dispatched to you within the hour, no matter which part, even our machines are dispatched within the hour.

With the delivery of our parts we do offer free delivery anywhere in the uk by Royal mail, but many of our customers are busy people and more often than not need the part the next day, they might have an event on the next day and they might of lost the part in some long grass the day before or worn out a rubber star, so we can deliver the parts with you the very next day with tnt for a minimal charge. With our accessories such as our BBQ conversion plates and our Chicken spit attachment we offer free delivery anywhere in the UK, and these are also stock items, again is a next day service. So if your a caterer and you find out you have no electric on site for your event on the weekend, we can have a hog roast set delivered with you the very next day, solving your problem, or you might have a last minute booking and need a second machine straight away.

Or if you need some gas parts for your annual gas safety certificate service, from the thermo couples to the regulator, we stock everything and we can have them with you in twenty four hours. We know that offering a service like this not only makes us stand out from the rest, but makes our customers happy, and when all said and done, that is the most important thing to us, it’s just another reason why our customers come back to us over and over.