Hog Roast Mildenhall

For fine dining and stylish service at your next event there is no one doing it better than Hog Roast Mildenhall. We’ll treat you right at your next event in Mildenhall with a grand showing of the best in roast dining and unique, stylistic catered service. Whether it’s a wedding reception, corporate function, birthday, festival, or otherwise Hog Roast Mildenhall are going to put on a show at dinner time. With a speciality in proper hog roast cooking made in the traditional style Hog Roast Mildenhall are one of the most novel services around!

Hog Roast MildenhallFor your events we pull out all the stops. We cook fresh throughout the day in a grand spectacle of fiery brilliance through our very own modern hog roaster. With these units we can roast, grill, and barbecue a myriad of brilliant meats and foods all at once. They cook better than any regular oven or fry cook, as your meat sizzles oh so deliciously throughout the day to be served hot and fresh! Our elite team of top chefs ensure the quality of every one of our roasts by bringing their years of experience and skill to the table. With their expertise our hog roasts are a true achievement in taste sensation and fine flavour, as its perfect juicy and fall-off-the-bone meat is served up ready to be used in a variety of brilliant dishes.


Making Memories in Mildenhall


Hog Roast MildenhallWhile it is true that we are exceptionally proud of our special hog roast, we’d be remiss not to also mention our extensive range of set menu and buffet options – with all manner of meats, salads, canapes, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free choices available we’re confident you’ll find the right flavour combination to suit your event. Our friendly staff are more than capable of offering their expert recommendations to help you build up a feast suited to you and your guests. We have prepared service packages to help you along but we are always more than happy to work more personally to your exact needs. What’s more, our services won’t break the bank as we work flexibly to your budget without limiting you on our hot quality!

Sound like just the ticket for your next event? Then get calling Hog Roast Mildenhall today!