Our wedding catering team are highly experienced in the field of event planning and catering. With a core belief that brides and grooms have already much to worry about, our wedding team tackle the big details of food service right down to the tiniest of intricacies. Well aware that it truly is often the small details that separate the very good from the memorable, the finest details are as important to us as making sure your slow spit roasted meat, canapés, accompaniments and side dishes are done to absolute perfection.

Our menu options are extensive to say the least. Sourced from an array of expert cuisine providers, our expansive menu options aim to give the budding brides and grooms the maximum amount of choice and freedom within their culinary preferences. As we all know, there are always a few who pose specific dietary needs or preferences and we are well aware of this and more than able to tailor everything down to the tiniest detail.

Hog roast wedding catering

The occasion of a wedding is a very special one. To many, their wedding or the wedding of a friend, relative or acquaintance stays in their memories for years and years. Representing the union of man and woman in holy matrimony, where hearts are conjoined in the presence of loved ones and God himself, we understand the importance of wedding catering. Where many people who organise their weddings may be branded, unjustly, as being unnecessarily over zealous in their desire to reach perfection in all matters of wedding planning, we share such enthusiasm and in many instances, exceed it.

All serving staff and chefs who attend the weddings know and appreciate the importance of being absolutely pristine as regards their appearance. As the wondrous nature of our food looks sensational, smells sensational and tastes it too, our staff understand that their manner and appearance, combined with their service skills all contribute to the whole experience as regards you, our customers.

Spitting Pig’s extensive portfolio

The Spitting Pig Company has an extensive portfolio when it comes to wedding catering. Having acquitted ourselves in an expert and professional manner consistently, we feel that the dining experience we bring to any wedding, enhances it in various ways. Naturally, with food prepared freshly and discreetly on site immediately prior to the wedding service, followed by the subsequent immediate serving of the food, the taste of the cuisine will be imprinted on to the minds of guests for a considerable time. The theatre and spectacle of the hog roast whilst serving is taking place adds considerable theatre and a jovial, rustic and mouth watering atmosphere to the occasion.

So whilst you ponder other matters of importance as regards your wedding, whether its imminent or not, why not hand the stressful reins of matters of cuisine over to us. With vast experience, huge expertise and an unwavering desire to impart our glorious food onto the plates and tables of your guests, let our food do the talking (believe us, it puts any best-mans speech to shame)!

Tailor made wedding catering packages

The Spitting Pig Company offers tailor made wedding catering packages to suit all styles of weddings and budgets. We have over 15 years experience from marquee and country house weddings, high society weddings, private island and beach weddings to a scout hut!

Catering from the informal relaxed wedding party to a prestigious wedding banquet. On your special day can relax and enjoy the occasion safe in he knowledge that The Spitting Pig Company Wedding caters will provide you with the perfect service and happiest memories.

Do not fear if we do not have your exact menu. We are more than happy to create a wedding package that is personal and specific to your requirements, including serving your reception drinks and preparing evening buffets. Please browse our sample wedding menus and contact the team for a quote or simply to discuss your ideas. Book soon to avoid disappointment.
Organising a hog roast or general catering for your wedding can be a little bit daunting but we are here to help make this a pleasurable experience. When organising an intimate family wedding, a hog roast wedding evening buffet, event or party there are a few guidelines which will help. First of all make sure you get a good quality quote. Number one set a date; it is very difficult to give an accurate quote for an event without a confirmed date. This can be difficult when planning a wedding for an unknown future date, but any information helps, the month and day of the week are crucial. A wet Monday in January is always going to be cheaper than a Saturday in the middle of July. The number of guests helps but this can be just a rough guideline. An idea on the menu and style of the event is very helpful as a pig in a bun for 200 people is going to cost a lot less than a four course meal for 200 people so if you just ask for a quote based on all the available menus you will just get standard prices.

Let us know the date, menu ideas and number of guests with a couple of menu choices and we can give you a realistic and competitive quote. Once you receive your quote give us feed back and ask more questions or for a re-quote based on new information and you will get an accurate well priced informative quote.

We can provide as much or as little assistance with your big day as you would like us to. We can help organise everything from the venue or marquee, tables and chairs, bar and entertainment. Or if you prefer just a simple but tasty pig in a bun for your evening guests. The choice is yours just let us know your ideas and menu choices and we will send you a competitive quote. Then you can always give us a call to get more detailed plans and speak to one of our event organisers or have a meeting at the venue to go through the order of events for the wedding.

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