Hog Roast Peacehaven

Peacehaven was initially a residency formed together for the peaceful respite of returning war vets in the early 20th century – hence its name. This seaside town was supposed to hold relaxation, leisure and light relief at its core. Here at Hog Roast Peacehaven we still believe that the town should celebrate a leisurely lifestyle designed to heal and relax, and what better way to kick back than with a glorious, great British roast – a food made for comfort dining!

Hog Roast PeacehavenAt Hog Roast Peacehaven we’ve curated the very best in hog roast dining for events up and down the nation and are more than delighted to be providing that same exquisite event catering service for Peacehaven now too! We’ve been at this for last 20+ years, so you could say we’ve learned a thing or two in that time. For us event dining is an opportunity for the joyful bringing together of friends and family to share in delight of a great meal. It’s a simple pleasure, but it’s also one of life’s best. We’ve got speciality service for every occasion, so for your weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, staff nights, festivals and more this year in Peacehaven come on over to Hog Roast Peacehaven today.

With fresh meats and quality ingredients from top British farmers, Hog Roast Peacehaven brings premium eating at an affordable cost. Our hog roast provides the centre piece to our services, and from its delicious results we have a cornucopia of incredible dishes. Choose to dine on the go with our deliciously salty fresh pulled pork rolls, delight in a glorious Sunday roast complete with all the trimmings or pick out a colourful platter of fine meats from across the continent.


Dining with a Difference


Hog Roast PeacehavenHog Roast Peacehaven is a dining experience with a difference. Our services and foods are novel both in taste and in how we serve up in style. There’s little else quite like the sight of a fine hog roast cooking away atop our traditional hog roast machine – except perhaps its taste! With variety too there is something for everyone to enjoy with Hog Roast Peacehaven!

Call Hog Roast Peacehaven today or message the site for your free quote and bring the new, stylish way to dine to your next event.