Hog Roast Andover

For something a little bit more unique and different for your event dining this year why not cast off the usual catering foods and opt for a meal worth remembering with Hog Roast Andover! We are specialists in fine meat roast catering with a unique blend of traditionality and modern flair used in our methods to ensure a little bit of added spectacle to your events in the town of Andover.

For weddings, corporate functions, festivals, anniversaries and more, Hog Roast Andover ensures a dine in experience with a difference as we cart out the traditional spit roaster – though now with an added modern technical brilliance and mobility to it – and create a fresh hog roast that is sure to electrify both the eyes and the taste buds. This isn’t your run of the mill fast food catering; at Hog Roast Andover we take our time to ensure even better results as our hog roast cooks fresh over hours to a perfect level of taste and texture. The brilliance of the spit roaster means that our roast comes away with a delightful crispy skin, locking in all the good meaty texturing and pork saltiness, while also retaining the juiciness and tender delicacy of the incredible meat inside. For us if a job is worth doing then it is worth doing precisely right!

As well as a premium roasting style at Hog Roast Andover we also ensure premium meats and ingredients too. We’ve turned to the best in local British farming and stocks for all of our foods, and so if you choose merely to hire our Hog Master Pro for yourself then do not hesitate to ask where to look for the best in pork meats, beefs, chickens and more!

Premium Dining, Affordable Pricing

The premium dining experience of Hog Roast Andover is second to none, but fortunately too it is also entirely affordable and works flexible to your budget without blocking you on quality. For your money you will always be granted access to our many meaty mains, vegan variations, veggie foods, gluten-free subs etc on top of our showstopping hog roast speciality. We want to ensure our services cater to all and can match the style and needs of any event!

So, call our friendly team today here at Hog Roast Andover and see what fine tastes we can bring to your events now!