Hog Roast Ingleby Barwick

When you have an important event planned, you simply cannot overlook the importance of reliable catering. After all, it becomes the part of the event when your guests mingle and chat over the great food that is served, which is sure to make your occasion one to remember. When our pig is turning on the spit, it’s sure to become a visual spectacle, as well as flooding the room with a mouth-watering aroma that’s sure to get the tastebuds tingling. Want to know more about Hog Roast Ingleby Barwick? Keep reading!

Professional Hog Roast service in Ingleby Barwick

We have catered for thousands of events up and down the country and received rave reviews from our customers who choose to hire us time and time again for their special event. Regardless of the occasion, we wish to demonstrate utmost professionalism from arriving in a timely manner to greeting and serving your guests with graciousness. Many of our dedicated team have over 10 years’ experience in the catering industry and therefore, know exactly what it takes to ensure guests leave the event with only positive things to say.

While we cannot praise our hog roast dish enough, we do understand that some of your guests will be keen to try something different, either out of choice or as a result of dietary requirements. This is why we allow every single one of our dishes to be customised by you, so that everyone can enjoy what Hog Roast Ingleby Barwick has to offer. Our standard menus are a great base to work from, however any ingredients listed can be adapted to suit your personal preferences. We also serve meat-free and gluten-free dishes upon request.

The Hog Roast Ingleby Barwick team look forward to hearing from you. Get in touch with our team today to discuss the options.