Hog Roast Forfar

Forfar is famed most for its local favourite Forfar Bridie – a delicious meaty pastry chalk full of flavour and delight. But here at Hog Roast Forfar, where once the witches and devils are said to danced round cauldrons and graves, we have a new meat favourite just for you and yours at your next event in town. Hog Roast Forfar is a unique event caterer specialising in the finest hog roast dining experience to liven up every occasion. We make event dining stylish and superb with our renowned roast dishes and aptitude for flair and service. Don’t come wandering to these parts looking for anything but the most exquisite dining experience around! When you’re with Hog Roast Forfar you’re with the best.

Hog Roast ForfarThe unique blend of traditionality and modern flair in our very own mobile hog roast ensures a taste difference that simply needs to be tried to truly appreciate its added level of quality. With our specially crafted machines we can deliver the traditional experience and spectacle of proper hog roast cooking with the efficiency and brilliance of a modern approach.

Bring this stylish, extravagant dining experience to your next wedding, corporate function, staff party, birthday, festival or other celebration by calling Hog Roast Forfar today! We aim for top quality at every step of our service – between our incredibly friendly expert team of chefs and caterers, and our fine selection of the highest quality meats sourced locally, you won’t find any better than Hog Roast Forfar.

Fine Foods in Forfar

Hog Roast ForfarIt may not be your favoured Forfar Bridie, but we here at Hog Roast Forfar guarantee there will be something on our menu for you to cheer about. We have a huge range of menu items, spanning from our speciality hog roast to a number of other meat options; vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free picks of canapes, sides, salads, and more! No matter your palate or the style of your event Hog Roast Forfar has the right means to serve. We’ll work to your needs and budget with seamless ease!

Don’t hold out for tomorrow – bookings are open for Hog Roast Forfar now so get calling!