Hog Roast Portsmouth

For the finest in roasted meats and quality catered foods for your events in Portsmouth, look no further than the brilliant team here at Hog Roast Portsmouth. Providing a brilliant menu of exquisite foods and the most perfectly roasted pork’s and meats, Hog Roast Portsmouth has provided magnificent service to countless happy customers at our events. Whether you need fine dining and a feast for your corporate parties, wedding reception, anniversary dinner’s, city-wide festivals and more, Hog Roast Portsmouth can guarantee an unbeatable catered service.

Our speciality and fan-favourite is, of course, our namesake hog roast. With our hog roast you are receiving years of expertise and a lovingly crafted and perfectly curated recipe that will have the whole family glowing with magnificent satisfaction. Our hog roast is cooked to an exact perfection on our very own famous mobile spit roaster; its day-of fresh preparation and painstaking hours long slow roast creates a result and magnificent achievement of glorious taste sensation and perfect charred meat texture.

Our brilliant team are ready to bring your food even further with a variety of exceptional serving options: try our unbeatable freshly made pulled pork rolls, bursting with delicate texture and finely salted flavour; or if you’re in the mood for something a bit more traditional try our full plate Sunday roast complete with all the trimmings of perfectly roasted veg and potatoes and a fine drizzling of our very own scrumptious gravy.

The esteemed author Charles Dickens grew up in the incredible city of Portsmouth. With such fine works as Oliver Twist, and A Tale of Two Cities, the local author goes down as one of the many British greats. To paraphrase one of his greatest works, with our fine catering services and glorious feasts we think you’ll also be coming back to us and begging “for some more” too.

A Menu Made for You

With many quality food items Hog Roast Portsmouth can guarantee that we’ll see every one of our customers right. From quality meats to brilliant vegan concoctions, vegetarian delights and gluten-free dishes, you can’t go wrong by hiring us. Our team at Hog Roast Portsmouth will work personal to your needs and budget to find a set-menu or buffet combination of quality foods just right for you.

So give it a try, call Hog Roast Portsmouth today!