Hog Roast Warrington

Community spirit is strong here, making it a brilliant location to bring everyone together. If you’re organising an event and need a catering option fitting for any occasion, look no further than Hog Roast Warrington.

Spit-roasting meat is an ancient tradition that is still as popular as ever. The smell that comes from the spit is simply divine. Everyone’s stomachs will rumble the minute they arrive in eager anticipation of the fantastic feast cooking before their very eyes. An explosion of flavour awaits.

As you can tell by our name, Hog Roast Warrington specialise in slow-roasted pork, which we serve with the crackling from the outside of the pig, as well as our delicious homemade applesauce. Prefer turkey or beef? We offer a variety of meats on our menu and can provide more than one option. We want to make sure everyone enjoys a memorable meal. If you have any guests who choose not to eat meat, we will also cater to their needs.

A Fun Feast For Fun Times

We use top of the range machines when cooking up a storm at your event. We do hire these out too, so if you’re keen to show off your culinary skills, we can give you the tools as well as supply the food if you do not wish to source this yourself.

If you do use our talented chefs, you’ll be pleased to know they are expert carvers, bringing you only the best slices. Expect the same level of care with the side dishes. Nobody will be munching on a limp salad or bland vegetable. Hog Roast Warrington cooks everything from scratch on the day of your event. Every ingredient we select is of the highest quality. As we use local suppliers, we can guarantee they are fresh too.

We offer various packages for different party styles, such as weddings and corporate functions. So, if you are looking for a 3-course meal or only need a dessert to follow the main, we can customise the menu to suit your needs.

Whether you’re holding a small gathering in your garden or a lavish function for everyone you know, we will create a tasty dining experience for you and your guests.