Hog Roast Sittingbourne

At Hog Roast Sittingbourne we have your next catered meal ready to go for your events in Kent and Sittingbourne. Our service is quite like no other as we provide a spectacled dining experience filled with traditional culinary practices, grand hog roasts of a premium variety, exceptional chef displays of fiery brilliance, and the medieval aesthetics of our forefathers with our classic spit roaster – a traditional roasting utensil that looks as good in action as its results taste!

Yes, with Hog Roast Sittingbourne we go quite beyond the regular call of duty of a caterer as we aim to make our dining an event in itself with our premium roast specialities. With that we are also delighted to be able to work flexibly to any type of event at any size and budget – weddings, corporate functions, birthday’s, festivals, anniversaries, social nights, Hog Roast Sittingbourne has impressed at them all.

We have a wonderfully friendly and expert team who are always more than happy to provide their masterful knowledge to you and your guests. They can answer any questions about our finely roasted pork, and how we source only the highest quality meats available locally. Under their care you can be assured that your hog or other roast is in exceptional hands as we start early in the day to slow cook your foods on our classic spit roaster throughout. Our spit roast is assured to be talk of any event, not just for its taste but also in its spectacle just to merely be watched being made – it’s slow roasting and incredible smell will have you ready to dive into our magnificent roast dishes as you’ll find your meaty glowing with a lovely meaty texture and crispy skin bursting with delicious spiced and salted flavour.

Superb Servings in Sittingbourne

At Hog Roast Sittingbourne we always aim to please. With a whole host of dining options, we ensure that every one of our guests comes away well satiated. Complementing our showstopping hog roast is also a whole host of quality meats, salads, sides, canapes, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free foods. Our incredible are too happy to take a quick chat with you about your event to set a full buffet or set menu recommendation with taste combinations specifically tailored to suit your style and tastes!

Don’t hang around – call Hog Roast Sittingbourne today!