Hog Roast Crosby

When you are hosting an event, you want the best for your guests and if you hire the Hog Roast Crosby team to do the catering, that is exactly what you will get. We are proud to be the leading hog roast company in the Crosby area and it is a reputation that is well-deserved thanks to the superior quality of our free-range meat, our passion for what we do, and our expertise is producing perfectly cooked pork time and time again.

The key to a great hog roast is patience and a delicate touch in order to bring out the flavour and tenderness of the meat. We always cook our meat on-site and we will arrive at your venue several hours before your event starts in order to ensure it is slowly roasted for just the right amount of time. As well as being an incredibly tasty and satisfying catering option, our hog roasts also make a great showpiece for any event.

Fantastic hog roasts and modern menus for any occasion

Would you love to try our pork, but you are worried that our style of catering may lack the diversity you need for your menu? A quick glance at Hog Roast Crosby’s menus page will reassure you that our catering packages go far beyond our classic hog roasts. We have menus to suit both relaxed and more refined events, with seasonal dishes and varied flavours that will please everyone, as well as catering for different dietary requirements.

We offer a wide range of different meats, vegetarian and vegan dishes, self-service buffets, and 3-course meals for more of a fine dining experience, and we have contemporary catering packages available for weddings, private parties and corporate entertaining. Even if you have a very large guest list or your menu features a lot of diverse dishes, we will freshly prepare all of your food in full view of your guests on the day, and we will only be using our usual high standard of ingredients, which includes as much locally sourced produce as possible.

If you want the food at your event to delight your guests and the service that they receive to make everyone happy, contact the Hog Roast Crosby team today to discuss your event catering needs!