Hog Roast Lowestoft

For a catering service that goes above and beyond the usual call of duty look out for Hog Roast Lowestoft for your events this year. Providing specialist roast catering to your events in Lowestoft, Hog Roast Lowestoft are a premium caterer with an affordable cost. We do things just a bit differently to your usual stock caterer as we put an onus on quality made genuine roasts with our traditional spit roaster and exquisite whole hog roasts.

It is a dining experience assured to be unique to your event and truly impress your guests, so for weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, festivals, birthdays and more be sure to give us a call!

Hog Roast Lowestoft works with only the finest quality meats available and we ensure that they are sourced locally too so that you know precisely the care and love that has gone into every dish. By sourcing such quality ingredients we are also able to truly get the most out of such a proper and prime slow-cooking method as the spit roast. The genuine spit roast takes extra time and effort, but for our guests it is absolutely worth it as your fresh hog roasts come out to an exact perfection of taste texture. Be amazed as our chefs effortlessly pull the fine and delicious meat straight from the crisply charred hog to then be used in a variety of incredible dishes.

With freshly made pulled pork rolls, Sunday roasts and more on offer there really is no one doing it better than Hog Roast Lowestoft.

Premium Dining Made Affordable

Hog Roast Lowestoft provides an extensive range of food items beyond just our speciality hog roast. With an array of salads, canapes, sides, meat options, or vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free substitutes there is something to be found for everyone. Choose to dine in our buffet feast or pick and customise one of our set-menus so that you get precisely the food you want the way you want it. Whatever you need, and at whatever budget we will happily work to your specifications.

Hog Roast Lowestoft is taking bookings now, so get in while they’re hot and call today!