Hog Roast Dunstable

For Dunstable and Bedfordshire, we here at Hog Roast Dunstable are bringing a bold new taste experience to your events. Hog Roast Dunstable is proud to offer up a little taste of history with our incredible catered hog roast cooked using the traditional roasting methods of old with our very own hog and spit roasting machines – notable both for its deliciousness and its superb cooking spectacle and novelty. Our machines transform the once traditional fire roasting method into now something even more brilliant with all the versatility and efficiency that modern standards afford.

It is the perfect addition to any event as we can easily and efficiently cater in high volume while retaining our renowned high quality. These services too, premium in style and taste though they are, never come with a premium price tag as we seek to keep costs affordable and flexible without a loss on quality either. With flexible services available be sure to call us for your weddings, corporate functions, social club nights, birthdays, festivals, anniversaries and more!

By hiring us you’ll quickly find that Hog Roast Dunstable are quite unlike your average caterer. We’ve created a whole food experience built around our speciality hog roast as our spit roaster slow cooks throughout the day in spectacled display of sight, smell, and, of course, taste! By taking things old school with the proper spit roaster, we have ensured a level of quality unavailable elsewhere. Your hog roast slow cooks fresh throughout the day until it is brought to an exquisite level of crispy skin texture and juicy meaty flavour. It is a delight of traditionality and newness assured to impress at any event!

Dishes Done Right in Dunstable

At Hog Roast Dunstable we’ve put together an unbelievable range of quality menu items on top of our already special hog roast. With a variety of meats, vegan options, vegetarian and gluten-free foods there are so many ways to dine with Hog Roast Dunstable. We work to your needs, so whether a buffet or a sit-down set menu fits we will still guarantee to serve in true style with all our quality items. With a flexible pricing structure there really is nothing to hold you back from your next fine food experience!

So, call us today and bring a wholly special way to dine to your next special event!