Hog Roast Northampton

Hog RoastThe only catering company bringing the very best in fine meat dining to events in the East Midlands and the brilliant town of Northampton are the quality team here at Hog Roast Northampton. At Hog Roast Northampton we pride ourselves on providing premium catering at an affordable price for any occasion – corporate function, parties, weddings, community functions, festivals; it all falls under the great Hog Roast Northampton name. Specialising in a divine hog roast cooked over hours on our very own advanced tech spit roaster, Hog Roast Northampton is a fine purveyor of the best roasted meats and foods on the market.

To achieve our renowned perfect taste and texture requires an elite team of chefs capable of the patience and expertise required to pull off such an exquisite feat of taste and texture, and the very best ingredients sourced from the top shelf of quality local stocks. Thankfully we have both those key aspects and more! So, for your next celebration in the illustrious town of Northampton remember to look us up – you won’t find a more unique and brilliant service.

Our expert team are more than happy to remain on hand all throughout your event to answer any questions and requests of our finely made foods. Their experience and knowledge are brought to every hog roast to ensure that it is cooked to an exact perfection. The result of our efforts is an unrivalled hog roast teeming with flavour as its delicate roasted meat falls away deliciously from the bone to then be used as an exquisite filling for one of our toasted rolls, or as a plated main to our well roasted veg and potato sides. You won’t find this kind of perfect cooking anywhere else for catering!

Premium Quality Dining in Northampton

Hog Roast Northampton believe in quality and flexibility all throughout our service. Accompanying our hog roast speciality is a massive array of menu items all available for your eating pleasure. With plenty of meat, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options you and your guests are most assuredly spoiled for choice since every set-menu and buffet option comes at the same guaranteed high quality. Our team will always bring their knowledge and recommendations to bring a menu combination made personal to you and your needs and budget.

So, call the team today! Hog Roast Northampton puts premium quality to your next event.