Hog Roast Tredegar

The beating heart of Wales’ Industrial Revolution, Tredegar is a town bursting with history and innovative sense – just like us here at Hog Roast Tredegar. For your events around town Hog Roast Tredegar has the best, most creative event dining experience special for you! We’re crafters of a truly unique experience that can only be served up in the brilliance of a special occasion! For your weddings, corporate meetings, business lunches, private parties, town festivals and more Hog Roast Tredegar is going to whisk you away to a taste and event experience like no other.

Hog Roast TredegarAt our core Hog Roast Tredegar is a fine meat event caterer specialising in the historic tradition of hog roasting. This cooking practice makes for a spectacular display at your event as well as delivering unbelievable tastes to every one of your guests! We have a range of mobile hog roasting machines that recreate the genuine style of hog roasting while also making the process more efficient and versatile than ever before. We’ll take our machines out on the road to be set up easily at your next even, so get calling Hog Roast Tredegar today to see what all the fuss it really about!


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Hog Roast TredegarThere is a stylish quality and flair to the way we do things here at Hog Roast Tredegar. Our hog roast is magnificence personified in food form as it looks not only incredible in action, but its results taste all the more perfect with its slow cooked crispy texturing and flavoursome meaty juiciness. You’ll be blown away by the standards set here!  If a hog roast is less your speed then not to worry as we also have a huge range of brilliant foods to fit every taste. Gourmet barbecues, vegan and veggie specials, gluten-free substitutes – it’s all available with Hog Roast Tredegar. What’s more, this premium dining experience also comes fully affordable and flexible to you without ever limiting you on quality.

So, don’t hold out – call Hog Roast Tredegar today and bring better tastes and better service to your next event.