Hog Roast Machine Finance

The Advantages Of Lease Purchase:

1. Capital outlay no longer an obstacle
2. Leasing spreads the cost of acquisition
3. Leasing payments maybe 100% tax deductible (please consult your accountant for more information)
4. Buy now, and take advantage of this years catering business, not next year when the budget allows
5. Gives you the edge over your competitors who may not be using the latest catering equipment-it will take you less time to set up, less time to cook your meat, less time to clean up after the event…enabling you to make more profit.

What Happens After My Lease Period?

You have 2 options:

1. Keep the machine you have and stop paying the monthly payment, or

2. Keep paying the monthly fee and we will replace your existing machine with a brand new one. We will even BUY BACK, your original machine at its current market value!!*


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The global financial crisis has meant that many people have had far less readily available spending power than they may have done previously. Where at one point a certain purchase may have been deemed as an acceptable extravagance, or a timely investment, now many belts have been tightened and the purchases stalled or cancelled altogether.

In order to counter this idea of negativity within the corporate market, The Spitting Pig facilitate a lease-purchase agreement as regards their market-leading hog roasting, spit-roasting and combination roasting machines. Understanding that the commercial use of any of our machines constitutes a sound and healthy business decision, we feel that by offering a competitive lease agreement deal, we allow our customers to generate a very healthy profit whilst also having the ability to spread the cost of the purchase over a substantial portion of time. Typically over 3 years you as our customer can appreciate benefits of the awesome profit generating power and avoid the one off payment of a standard purchase.

As is known commonly within other lease-purchase agreements, the eventual total cost that is to be paid is higher when compared against a standard purchasing option. However, the benefits are massive, especially when compared against our highly competitive rates of APR.

Our back-catalogue of satisfied wedding catering customers within the sphere of the lease-purchase agreement amount to a large number, indeed. As we always keep our precision built machines to a highly numbered stock, we can be sure to get your machine to you in super quick time.

Built with durability in mind, these machines really do constitute an exceptional investment when coupled up with the lease-purchase agreement. Coming complete with a one year fully comprehensive warranty, our machines combine effortless power and supreme styling constituting exceptional value. Combined with the lease agreement, the lease-purchase allows the new starter and established caterer alike with the prime set-up to take on the numerous and varied catering jobs that are littered across the country.

Seen by many as the way forward during the current economic dark times, this option that we provide has seen many of our loyal customers go on to become highly profitable from the beginning of their lease-purchase agreements with us. The majority of our lease-purchase customers (a highly significant number) whom opt for the more popular 3 year agreement have been in a position to invest in yet more machines well before the duration of their initial lease was set to terminate.

Having the ability to essentially have your equipment (including the option of having trailers and other accessories supplied by us), as regards monthly outgoings, for very little money provides you with the freedom to commit to owning a splendid specimen of a hog roasting machine with no risk. You too can become a hog roaster, visiting beautiful places, serving wondrous food and meeting exceptional people. Though the loving, guiding hands of The Spitting Pig, we offer you this service so that you too can become part of the culinary revolution.

The Spitting Pig Company has built a very successful franchise model. We have profitable franchises established all over the United Kingdom and we are looking for more business minded hard working individuals to join our franchise scheme. The set up costs are relatively low and the area purchase can be paid over several installments meaning you can make money from day one. We provide initial training and business management coaching from the very beginning and will work just as hard as you do to ensure you have a good start in the hog roasting business. Starting correctly is very important and greatly increases your prospects for long term success.

We provide each franchisee with a website which we host and maintain. This can be updated to reflect the franchisee’s business and is a great marketing tool and a very informative focal point for customers. We operate a central office Monday to Friday 9-5 answering the phone and emails for our franchisees leaving you free to go about the business of catering and making money whilst we keep your customers informed and send out quotes for work. You can log into the office remotely from any location 24/7.

We make sure you have everything in place to operate a professional business from the outset. We provide business cards, sign writing for your vehicle or trailer, uniforms with the Spitting Pig logo and your names. Giving your customers the right impression straight away. We provide all the catering enquiries, price all your work and send the quote direct to the customer. You then give the customer a call and book them in. All the paperwork is readily available for you to access.

This really is a great business to be in and with Spitting Pig’s backing you have got the best guarantee available that you will be successful in the field of outside catering. If we do not feel you will make a success of your franchise we will not consider you as a potential franchisee. So you immediately have the benefit of knowing that we as a business have confidence in your ability to succeed.

With our over whelming success in building and maintaining our own nationwide hog roast catering business, we have the ability to help you to gain rapid success in the field of hog roasting. Due to the highly competitive nature of the catering trade it is important that new and fledgling hog roast catering outfits hit the ground running. In an industry where reputation is king and a great name counts for so much, the various degrees of business affiliations we offer to corporate clients can make the difference between profitability and the unfortunate opposite. Compounded by the global financial crisis, it has never been more important for new business’s to make the right choices when it counts.

Our business and franchise model is adaptive and has various degrees to which you are incorporated under the wing of The Spitting Pig Company.

For a relatively nominal monthly fee, business clients can expect client leads in the form of customer driven enquiries to be given to them in the geographical areas in which they operate. At this low level of commitment on your part, you will still trade under your own name and prospective customers who approach us (before being professionally diverted to you) will be made aware of this. They will also be aware, however, that we approve of your services and that you are a close affiliation of ours. With this set-up, you receive the electronically forwarded enquiries from us and it is down to you to pursue them, obviously with the initial help, per enquiry, that our involvement gives.

The more integrated model, where you become part of The Spitting Pig Company and are thus a fully fledged franchisee, features many more benefits in a few different ways. Initially, you the client must pay a set fee. This fee, however, can be installed over a number of months. For this fee our new franchisee will begin trading immediately under the name of The Spitting Pig Company, and will of course adhere to its exacting standards in the field of catering quality. Our franchisee will then have the benefit of having a professionally made web-site constructed for them using our web expertise and entirely at our expense. The web-sites are up to the minute and are exceptionally slick, continually assuaging the customer as regards fear of a catered event not making the mark. We build, manage and maintain elements such as a web-blog, which keeps you in front on the trading platform which counts the most; the internet. We manage your corporate e-mails and have a secure remote server which allows you to access all the information that we share and that is yours. Electronically, our knowledge in the field of generating enquiries will yield you between 20 and 40 enquiries a week, depending on the degree of your financial commitment to us.

Due to this heightened level of enquiry intake, on your behalf, coupled with the fact that you have the trading power of an established name such as ours driving your enquiries into successful jobs, it is advisable that you have at least 3 or 4 commercial roasting machines by summertime, as at many points you will need to be both catering and hog roast events but also hiring machines out also. This is, of course, to make the most from the business that you are paying for.

Having a fully staffed office from Monday through to Friday allows us to take care of all the initial contact with your clients. From receiving their enquiry, either via our easy to use web-forms or via our trained sales staff on the telephone, we then send them a quote (of which you are also sent a copy) based upon the varied menus that we utilise. That just leaves you to make the call, book the event, cater the event, collect your earnings and conduct your invoicing. Leaving you with the crucial independence where it counts, we take care of the rest and operate an office through which your customers have a continual point of contact whilst you are out doing what you do best; catering in the field and providing the people with the food they love.

On top of all electronically driven logistical support (which is highly extensive), we will initially support you in the aspect of uniforms and stationery for your chefs and operatives as well as taking care of the livery on your van or trading vehicle. It really is a great way to get trading fast in a culinary environment that is competitive.

On the whole, both modes (strong affiliate or franchisee) of business contact between The Spitting Pig Company and your business have their respective advantages and disadvantages. The option involving a low financial commitment allows you to trade under your own name, a good option for those who wish to strengthen their own trade outfit as they continue to operate at catered events. The downside here is that people, in general, prefer an established name and thus may not be as inclined to utilise your services to the same extent as utilising ours.

Becoming a franchisee allows for exceptional operational performance in the area of enquiry conversion, web construction and maintenance, office support and logistical support. However, it directly negates your ability to operate under your own trading name, which can be construed as being a negative point by some.

As stated, both have their advantages and relative downsides, yet both offer huge opportunity backed by statistical evidence. Whatever our view, its food for thought.