Hog Roast Kidderminster

Bringing a dining experience like no other everywhere we go, Hog Roast Kidderminster are a fine meat and roast food caterer ready for events all throughout Kidderminster and Worcestershire this year. Our aim here at Hog Roast Kidderminster is to make your events that bit more special with a unique food experience guaranteed to impress. With our speciality in hog roast dining and traditional methods of roast cookery we have created a catered experience that extends far beyond just placing a tray of food in front of you.

Our spit roast methods brings sizzling spectacle to the occasion as well as the genuine and perfect roast tastes and textures not found in your regular oven roasts. It is a classic roast that, while it takes a bit more time and effort, simply must be tried at least once in ones lifetime. So for yours wedding, corporate affair, anniversaries, festivals and more this year treat yourself right with a call to Hog Roast Kidderminster.

This is premium dining without the price tag. For your low and flexible costs we’ve gathered for you the very best meats and ingredients reared in local farms and stocks. That added quality goes back into our cooking too as our elite chefs freshly prepare a high calibre hog roast of simply divine proportions. Believe us when we say you have not truly experienced proper roast dining until you’ve tried Hog Roast Kidderminster.

Expert Catering in Kidderminster

We’ve made catering an event in itself. With a showstopping hog roast your guests will be blown away by a different dining experience not seen anywhere else on the market. Together with a variety of quality meats, vegan foods, veggie sides, and gluten-free substitutes our hog roast is a treat for any occasion.

We’ve ensured a high quality of service at every aspect of our business, from our ingredients and meats to our kitchen team, foods, and of course our delightful serving staff ready with a wealth of food knowledge and taste recommendations to suit your event’s style and tastes.

So, don’t hang around – call Hog Roast Kidderminster today and see how we can make your day even more special.