Hog Roast Tyldesley

Tyldesley boomed as an industrial town in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Thanks to this huge growth of wealth Tyldesley now still stands as a fine town with plenty of historic sights and things to do, even with the decline of its earlier industrial strength. With this Tyldesley is the perfect spot for your events in Wigan, and if you’re here for a good time then you’re going to need good eating. That’s where Hog Roast Tyldesley can help you. With an incredible range of roast specialities Hog Roast Tyldesley is the most exciting voice in the event catering market. For your events in the town of Tyldesley Hog Roast Tyldesley are providing an exquisite catered selection of quality roast meats and a hog roast dining experience that is more than just a fine meal. With a blend of tradition and modern culinary flair, our hog roast is created using a genuine hog roaster – a roasting utensil favoured for centuries in this county, and which we believe provides an added touch of style and spectacle to go along with a perfect meal.

Hog Roast TyldesleyWe provide for any type of occasion, no matter its size or even budget: corporate functions, parties, weddings, community functions, festivals, Christmas nights, and more; with Hog Roast Tyldesley there is always a way for us to work our magic to your special day. With high quality meats and fresh ingredients sourced from top end local farms and vendors, there is little else that is stopping Hog Roast Tyldesley from being the number one caterer in the country!


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Hog Roast TyldesleyOur traditional hog roast is a winner for every event, but our services also come with a full complement of exquisite dishes to satisfy every taste. Boasting an extensive array of quality food items, Hog Roast Tyldesley can offer your event any combination of fantastic meat, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. Our friendly team are always ready with service and food recommendations to refine a package specific to your event’s style. Whatever you need, whatever your budget, Hog Roast Tyldesley will serve it in perfect style!

So remember, its Hog Roast Tyldesley that is changing the catering game this year – so call today!