Hog Roast Machine FAQ’s

Why are your machines the ones to buy?
Having a long and distinguished history within the sphere of hog and spit roast catering, our machines come top of their class in every relevant aspect. Utilising ultra-tough stainless steels with laser-tooling, our machines will work week-in, week-out and never let you down. Our in house design has been supplemented by twenty years of ‘in-the-field’ improvements, so our customers can rely on innovations that make our machines the best by far. All machines come CE marked and complete with a years comprehensive warranty. The broad range means that there’s a machine for every type of use, from the avid barbecue fan right through to the intensive mobile caterer.


What is the difference between a hog roast machine and a spit roast machine?
The two types of machine yield two very different cooking styles. The Hog Roast Machine is an exceptional tool for a few reasons. Firstly, the hog is cooked sat above a tray and doesn’t turn. This machine requires no motor and thus no electricity. Due to this, our hog roasting machines are exceptionally versatile. Having the ability to go anywhere to provide stunning catering, the hog roast machine really underlines great food, anywhere, anytime! Able to keep the pig hot all day long as it simmers gently in its own juices is another area that the hog roast machine shines. Great for feeding a lot of people over a broad time frame, our hog roasters allow the caterer to make the most of his or her event.

The Spit Roast option is all about the theatre, which lets face it, is what a lot of our events revolve around. Of course, the food tastes great, as it does with the Hog Roast option, as the animal roasts and rests in its own juices. Accentuating the natural ability of a hog (or any animal for that matte) to self baste whilst cooking, the turning and rotating ability of the spit roast system helps to spread the juices as the pig cooks. Loved by all that see it, the hog roast system utilises an electric motor to give your guests a sight to behold. All of our machines also come in ‘combi’ form so that you can get the best of both worlds, as and when you please.


Why should I buy one of your machines?
There are numerous reasons to buy a machine from us, there really are. The fact that we have all of our items in stock is an advantage that no other machine manufacture can adhere to. As soon as we receive payment we can despatch any of our machines or manufactured products on a next day basis. Solid machines have been the norm for us for years now, however caterers often lose parts at events. Due to our stock items, all of our parts can also be despatched immediately; an invaluable service for the modern caterer.

Benefiting from our in-house evolutionary design set-up, all of our machines have been improved over the years. Learning from our own catered events, we have been able to implement hundreds of changes, some large and some subtle, in order to make all of our machines efficient, powerful and easy to use for the lone caterer.


How do I know that my machine will last?
We love great engineering here at The Spitting Pig. It has driven us forward in every aspect of machine and product manufacture since we started building our very own machines. We use only the very best materials, such as stainless steel and toughened, coated and hardened steels within the structures of our machine bodies. Our design has ensured that, over the years, we have developed a range of hog and spit roasters that have an outstanding rate of performance when it comes to durability and resilience.

All machines within our range come certified with a CE mark that ensures that each machine adheres to all necessary regulations. Giving you piece of mind, our machines also come with a fully comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.


Can your machines stand the rigours of commercial use?
As all caterers will know, the tools needed to provide large amounts of food to many people on a regular basis must be durable before they can claim to be anything else. With hundreds and hundreds of catering events in our portfolio, we wouldn’t use our own machines if they couldn’t stand the rigours that the fast paced catering environment throws at them. More than this, if our machines needed constant repairs and work then the whole operation would lose its profitable edge. The fact that we made our own machines to use, well before we thought of selling them, means that these machines can’t just handle commercial use; they were purpose built for it. Making the most of stainless steels and precision tooling, our machines are as bullet-proof as they are pretty. They’re as powerful as they are graceful. And they’re as durable as they are efficient.


How versatile are your machine’s as regards use by both mobile and static caterers?
The landscape of catering is a constantly shifting one. It’s a place where our machines have found a natural ability to adapt and to perform with elegance and ease irrespective of their surroundings or their necessitated functions. The lightweight bodies combined with superior strength make our machines perfect for the mobile caterer. The 4 pneumatic tyres with strong wheels and an easy to use steering system allow for mobile caterers to get across field and gravel walk ways effortlessly. It’s these little things that count, and we know from our own experience at catered events that they make the difference between an easy day for the caterer and a tough slog. The large, cavernous body as well as the full length clean gas burners ensure that our commercial machines can cook a colossal amount of meat to a golden, crispy hue, whilst also allowing the mobile caterer the advantage of roasting vegetables simultaneously. As far as space versus function goes, it’s the best formula for the mobile caterer who wants to deliver top quality food, time and time again.

The static caterer benefits from our machines in many ways. The fantastic design and aesthetic qualities of our machines allows them to be used as fantastic centre-pieces in open plan kitchens, as the turning hog never ceases to amaze. With a great adaptability as regards roasting function, our machines make a great addition to any kitchen. The ability for a restaurant to serve meat that is cooked using this machine on a regular basis holds a major advantage over their competitors. First of all, meat is much cheaper when purchased as a whole creature as opposed to fillets etc. Also, the taste derived from this cooking process simply has no parallel.


Which machine is right for me?
This is a question we get asked often by our customers. Faced by our broad and eclectic range of machines, our customers sometimes feel unnecessarily daunted. For the avid barbecue aficionado and enthusiast of the flame-grilled world, we have the exceptional Professional machine. Built using the know how gained in the commercial facet of catering, as well as benefiting from many of the design features found on the larger and commercial machines, this hog and spit roaster is the real deal. Getting much larger from that point on, the Titan, and Hogmaster represent commercial units that can be both hog, spit and ‘combi.’ They pack a mean culinary punch whilst keeping your pocket heavy. The Platinum commercial roaster is our front runner in terms of all out commercial performance. Built and styled to impress, this machine will keep on working, keep on wowing the crowds and keep your catering venture profitable. Whatever your flame roasting and spit roasting requirements, our broad range has something for everyone.


Do your machines constitute a sound investment?
Tough economic times go, to some extent, hand in hand with the idea that people won’t be as willing to spend as freely as they might have been. In a catering context, this places a large emphasis on the caterer getting the most from every expenditure they make, as regards their business purchases. Our machines embody the prime purchase in this respect. Often, the money spent in their purchase can be recouped in a matter of weeks. The machines are so versatile, effectively multiplying their value to the caterer with each of their additional capabilities. Further attachments available from us take this on again to a whole new level. Being such a competitive industry, the catering trade and those who work within it have to stay ahead of the game. Our hog roaster, spit roasters and combination units constitute the best product when it comes to an excellent rate of return on your investment.


Why should I buy a machine for personal use?
It sounds like you have been bitten by the hog roast bug already and are keen on doing a bit of hog roasting in your time, and we can’t say we blame you. But if you are looking for good reasons to buy your own machine then how about these. Standard barbecues simply cannot beat our machines; Our machines have a simply brilliant standard of construction; Hog roast tastes amazing on our machines; and if you ever want to host a huge party then you will be very well catered for.


What is so special about your hog roast machines?
Our machines certainly are that little bit special, we are quite proud to admit. But as for what makes them special, well, we think it has be the immense amount of hard work that has gone into designing and producing them because there really has been a lot of thought put into them. When you look at the engineering and design that each machine features, it really is a quite fantastic machine. Design and quality construction is everything and we think that all hog roast machines should have those same qualities.


Why buy a machine when the UK weather is awful?
There is no denying it, the British weather is patchy to say the least. Last summer was a bit of a washout to say the least and the days of long hot summers like in 1976 seem like a distant memory, but hog roast machines are a little more flexible and versatile than you think. You see, providing you have a roomy enough venue, you can just as easily use our hog roast machines indoors, and that means the oddities of the British weather won’t stand in your way if you want to get hog roasting with family, friends and relations. So don’t panic, invest in that machine and forget about the weather!


Is using a hog roast machine cheating?
Absolutely not! Just because hog roast was originally cooked on a huge spit over huge fire, it does not mean that you have to abide by the same medieval rules and cook yours the same way. It would be like saying that to cook your roast chicken for Sunday lunch that you need to cook that on a spit in the garden rather than in the fire! Whether you use the hog roast machine or spit roast machine, it is not cheating at all. All that matters is that the meat is cooked beautifully and tastes incredible – no cheating, just good eating.


Is it so important that the machines look so smart?
Not really, but you need to think about this from the view point of the people that are at the event or function. Some of these people could be very special guests and potential business associates of your clients. It can be important at such events to portray the right image and this is why it really helps that everything looks smart. Having a sparkling and modern looking machine not only makes everything look clean and healthy, it shows that that a bit of effort has been made to impress, and in business that can really earn you Brownie points…and some future bookings!