Hog Roast Stone

Stone was once one of the capitals of the early Mercian kingdom that expanded during pre-Norman times over what is now the West Midlands. Contrary to what one might expect Stone is not named for its stonework buildings, but rather for the stoneground bread and flour that the town is famous for. Bread has been an important industry for this Staffordshire town (Stone itself is the home place of Hovis Bread after all), but when you have bread we here at Hog Roast Stone believe you need a good juicy, meaty filling to go along with it. Thankfully, we have just the perfect accompaniment, our stylish hog roast! This roast pork beauty would go along perfectly with a handmade bread roll or as a full plate roast of its own, leaving the bread to mop the delicious juices and apple sauce accompaniment afterward.

Hog Roast StoneAt Hog Roast Stone we’ve made this classic of British culinary tradition a staple for event dining all across the country, and it could be yours too for your events in Stone for an easy, affordable, and flexible price today! For your event catering this year don’t turn to the regular old, tired catering services; look instead to a new dawn of culinary brilliance as Hog Roast Stone bring a new shape to event catering with our hog roasts specials and stylish dinner servings. We’re the perfect dinner hosts for any occasion, so for your weddings, corporate functions, birthdays, dinner parties, community celebrations, festivals and more, come to Hog Roast Stone today!


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Hog Roast StoneHog Roast Stone are exceptional purveyors of quality service and roast dining. With a friendly team of servers, we have created a perfect buffet and set menu style dining chalked full of exquisite meat, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free sides, salads, mains, canapés, and more. We’ll happily guide you through which dishes to pair with each other and how certain tastes can further compliment your event’s style. Whatever your event needs our top team will match our style, service and foods to the occasion. The best part? It’s all at one affordable pricing structure that works flexible to your budget too!

So, don’t delay today, call Hog Roast Stone now!