Hog Roast Clevedon

The Somerset town of Clevedon began as an agricultural haven for our nation in its early Victorian period, only to slowly become more and more of a finely recognised and adored seaside resort town, booming with cultural and visitor industry. Its beachside Clevedon Pier is impressively still one of the oldest standing Victorian built piers! Such is the brilliance of Clevedon that it is a natural destination for all manner of great events, and what do great events need? Great dining.

That’s where we here at Hog Roast Clevedon come in: with a speciality in traditionally made hog roasts and stylish event catering we are the natural fit to provide fine dining to your events across town. We’ve stylised our brand to focus in on what we do best, the hog roast. This beauty brings great tastes and great spectacle to your day as its traditional and genuine style of slow cooking makes for an impressive sight as well as better tastes and textures. Your guests will be treated to a performance of unique spectacle as we cook fresh throughout the day to provide your event with a host of incredible foods made to be enjoyed with events in mind.

At Hog Roast Clevedon we like to think ourselves as something of an expert in the event catering field. With over 20 years under our belt delivering great events and this uniquely special hog roast we know what it takes to make an event really sing. We don’t back down from a challenge ever, and we recognise that no event is made equal which is why we are always flexible to whatever the styles and demands of the day are. So for weddings, corporate events, festivals, private parties and whatever else be sure to bring Hog Roast Clevedon to the table!

Fabulous Foods

With a while range of varied menus there is so much to enjoy with Hog Roast Clevedon. We have something for every taste so no matter what you and your guests will be well catered for – no one leaves a Hog Roast Clevedon event with an unsatisfied stomach! Beyond our hog roast comes a whole range of varying styles of cooked meats, vegan dishes, veggie plates, even gluten-free substitutes.

So why wait? Hog Roast Clevedon is the name brand in event catering so get calling today!