What is the difference between a Hog Roast Machine and a Spit Roast Machine?

A Hog roast is just one way of cooking a whole pig for a hog roast event. There is no right or wrong way to cook a pig, a hog roast is where the pig simply sits in a large oven tray and cooks like in a big oven powered by two gas burners on a very low flame. The benefits to a hog roast are; they are very easy to do, almost impossible to get wrong, so the hog roast machines are great for hiring out to customers. Because the pig is sat in a tray in its own juices you can keep the pig hot for as long as you want to simply by keeping the burners on a low light the pig will sit in the tray bubbling away all day, great for selling to the public or for events where you need to serve hot pork all afternoon yet because it is sat in all the juices it doesn’t dry out.

The hog roast machines are also cheaper to buy than spit roast machines because they are very simple and they don’t need a motor. Because the pig cooks in a tray you don’t need any electric, so you can cook the pig wherever you want, whether it is in the middle of a field at a county show or outside a venue where you are not able to get electricity for whatever reason. I have even used hog machines to cook suckling pig on the beach at Brighton for a group of revellers at the Fat Boy Slim party on the beach musical extravaganza.

A Spit roast is the other way of cooking a pig. The most commonly recognised, spit roast is where the pig is fixed to a pole and turns whilst it is cooking. A Spit roast is a lot more theatrical than a hog roast. The sight of a spit roasted pig turning whilst it is cooking is 2nd to none and is by far the best visual process for cooking I am aware of. All of our machines have a large viewing window so you can see the pig cooking and I have seen many customers mesmerised by the pig as it turns. The spit roast is ideal for many events, one of the most popular being weddings, again while the guests are mingling with a cold glass of something they are hypnotised by the pig as it cooks. So there you go the age old question of spit versus hog the ying and yang of hog roasting. There is no correct or incorrect way to create a hog roast feast the end results are the same which ever method you employ. It really comes down to personal choice which method do you prefer, like most things in life what person loves another person will intensely dislike but that does not make either way right.. Hog roasting or spit roasting pigs is a bit like this you choose and enjoy your day. Because that is all that matters that you have an enjoyable trouble free swinging do that all your mates relax at and let their hair down. Giving you great feedback about the food and drink.