What is so special about your Hog Roast Machines?

There is one very easy and rather cheeky answer to that question and it would simply be ‘the results’! I think if you were to go to any hog roast event and ask the guests what they remember from the evening, it is highly unlikely that any of them will mention the hog roast machine at all, but instead they may wax lyrical about the superb tasting hog roast meat with the melt in the mouth flavours and succulent texture.

Is that a disappointment? Of course not. That is why our machines are so special, because it is all about results. The job of a hog roast machine is to do one thing exceptionally well and that is to cook meat beautifully. Sure, the chef needs to be on their game and be very skilled at their job but the machine needs to be capable of doing the hard work, which often means six or so hours cooking away then a couple more as the meat is being served up. Now you might be thinking that this is nothing special. Any old hog roast machine could achieve just the same goals, after all, it is just some bits of metal bolted together into a mobile cooker or spit roaster, isn’t it? No, it’s not.

There is something very fundamentally different with our hog roast machines and it is what makes them so special. Quality. These machines are built to last and are built with quality through and through. We know because we helped design each one from the ground up. Knowing the hog roasting industry inside out has given us a valuable insight into what is needed in a hog roast machine and we have ensured that each of our machines offers a totally brilliant set of features that the modern day hog roast chef can make complete use of.

Let’s suppose you are a hog roast chef looking for a new machine to replace the battered and falling apart machine you currently use. You are not going to want to invest good money into another machine that lasts a couple of years. You want something to last a lot longer. You also need something that has been designed for life on the road, going from venue to venue, that has been designed to get through all those narrow doorways and across those cobbled drives and wobbly floors. And of course, you want flawless cooking quality and performance night after night. Well, that’s what you are guaranteed to get with a Spitting Pig machine. Designed and engineered right here in the United Kingdom, our machines really are the king of hog roast machines, better than more expensive machines and offering a versatility and toughness that you will not find in any other range of machines.

If you want to make a solid investment in your hog roasting career then the first step has to be a quality hog roast machine. Make sure that your investment is in a machine made by Spitting Pig and you simply cannot go wrong.