Why should I buy one of your machines?

If I order a machine from you, how long will I have to wait for it to be delivered or when can I have it? This is something I get asked every day and people never ceased to be amazed by my answer and it is true. All of our machines are stock items, yes stock on the shelf ready for immediate delivery or collection spare parts stock items, because we manufacture our machines in house, all of the machines no matter which machine you choose with whichever attachments are dispatched the same day as your order is placed and is delivered the next day anywhere in the UK, we also deliver our machines to the rest of Europe and indeed the world on a five working day timescale. Our machines are pretty much bullet proof so they don’t tend to break, the problem some of our customers have is that they loose bits, if for instance they are at a county showground and they drop a piece in some long grass, but again with us manufacturing everything in house all of our parts are stacked on shelves and can be with you the next day after ordering. The Spitting Pig Company has been catering all over the UK for over twenty years and has come up against every situation you can imagine with regards to what you need from your machine. Our machines are the product of learning the hard way, and anyone who buys one of our machines benefits from our experience. Our machines don’t only look great and do the job they are meant to do better than any other, but they are by far the easiest machines on the market by a long way to use.

Its all the little things that make the difference, like our big chunky pneumatic tyres, anyone who has ever tried to move a hog/ spit roast machine across a field or even gravel with a pig in it will understand how much easier this makes life. Having a steering mechanism and a handle to pull your machine with great ease instead of having to lift one end of your machine like a wheelbarrow. There are loads of things like this that our machines benefit from, and our customers benefit from which make it possible for a single person to cater an event with ease, this is one of the many reasons why our customers return to us again and again. Can I use the machine inside? Is another thing to consider. All of our machines are used by caterers all over the UK every day of the week, and half of the time they are inside. There is no smoke from any of our hog roast machines so they do not set off smoke alarms, and provided they are in a well ventilated space they will not set off any heat sensors. We do recommend that the machines are always kept in a well ventilated space whilst cooking, but once the beast is cooked the machines can be wheeled into position anywhere, inside or out whilst serving very easily.