Is it so important that the machines look so smart?

There are a few ways to answer this to be honest. It would probably make things simpler if I put a scenario your way. Let’s imagine that you are a very successful business person. You have worked hard to get to where you are and you have done this by putting extra effort in to everything you do. Even when you had a Saturday job as a teenager you were smartly turned out and your shoes always shined. Your car was always polished and your clothes always smart. It may seem really vain but people remember things like this. It shows that you care about putting across the right image, and that can be very important in business because you sometimes get just moments to impress people. So, when you are invited you a special event or even for a meal with friends, do you try to look nice and presentable? Of course you do, and it’s the same principle. It is all about impressing people.

That shiny and smart looking hog roast machine is equally impressive. It does a fantastic job of helping the chef cook that huge whole pig in style. The machine is almost like a portable stage set for the hog roast chef. It is on the hog roast stage that the chef gets to perform his mesmerising act of transforming a whole pig into a supremely delicious meal. Spit roasts are where it really is special, with the slowly turning meat glistening in the lights. It looks incredible. So what is so special about this? Well, people are going to be staring at the hog roast all night as it really is a quite attractive sight and one that people can’t take their eyes off, so you really want everything about the hog roast to be perfect.

If the hog roast machine was in a rather poor state and not looking at its best then it could be a little off putting for many people as it could suggest uncleanliness. It is a good job then that Spitting Pig hog roast machines and spit roasters are solidly built and beautifully designed pieces of kit that are perfectly suited for evenings like this. Each one is made from strong stainless steel meaning that they are not only built like an armoured vehicle but they are extremely presentable too. Look at the hog roast machine and you could be looking at a polished metal piece of designer furniture rather than a cooking appliance. This great stylish design is not Italian or German but British through and through. Designed and produced right here in the United Kingdom by Spitting Pig, the largest manufacturers of hog roast machines in the country.

So whilst it is not crucial that hog roast machines look so smart, we believe that there is nothing wrong with making an excellent impression. It just so happens that excellent impressions are not an accessory with our hog roast machines; they come as standard.