Can your machine’s stand the rigours of commercial use?

The splendid and frantic world of catering is as fast paced as it is competitive and tough. Those of us who are lucky enough to have been in the business and become established will profess that everything the caterer purchases in the form of assisting them prepare or serve food must be up the mark in terms of quality, durability and versatility.

Our entrance to the catering trade can be likened to ‘jumping in at the deep end,’ as we entered the business with a trade and philosophy that were both relatively unknown in the catering attitudes of our competitors within the British Isles. First of all, the hog roast was a relatively unknown phenomenon back in the 1980’s. People had barbecues all the time, yet our take on this common and established practice was seen as exceptionally exotic. Due to this, and the subsequent expectation that comes on behalf of our customers when presented with a ‘quirky’ option, our service had to be absolutely perfect, lest we look over-ambitious and essentially foolish.

Apart from needing to ensure that our ingredients were totally fresh and of a premium quality, as mobile caterers new to the world of catering on a relatively large scale we needed to ensure that the limited space we had was filled with only the cooking tools and serving appliances that were going to be both effective and reliable.

After nearly 20 years of machine manufacture, we understand the needs of the caterer. This is because we were fledgling caterers ourselves back then, and are now a highly successful nationwide company servicing the needs of our customers catered event all year round. At the outset we understand that every bit of space a mobile caterer uses must be justified; that each and every additional cost must be scrupulously scrutinised. Through this, our machines have grown with us as a company; put simply, as we have evolved as a hog roasting powerhouse, so have the standards of our machines. From our early days we had to physically cut and grind our way towards machine improvements. Now we have a manufacturing set-up that hinges on precision.

Over our years and years and years in the catering trade we have been continually able to improve and tweak our machines in a real-time fashion. For instance, one of our teams would go out on a catering job and return stating that ‘X’ and ‘Y’ ought to be improved on the machines in order to facilitate the machines performance out on these catering jobs. It’s this relationship between catering and manufacture that’s all in-house that has put us way out in front and kept us there.

Our commercial hog roast machines are practically bullet-proof. They feature narrow bodies which permit their passage through garden gates. They feature clean gas burners which allow for both indoor and outdoor use. They do not leak at all. The thermal properties are absolutely phenomenal and they can take the abuse that we give them, week in and week out.

In terms of taking the blows which the catering world bestows on them, these machines have the chin of a heavyweight boxer and the catering power of his punch, whilst maintaining elegance and grace which will stun your customers at each and every one of your events.