Which machine is right for me?

It can be argued that our lives can be surmised as a selection of choices. That all we are and all we ever have been are just a selection of choices in series. One after the next, after the next. Countered by many, through the simple fact that life must be more than something so seemingly trivial, it is a debate that has witnessed countless publications and much frantic philosophical discussion. If, however, there is some truth in the statement, then it places a huge importance in the choices we make, as in essence they not only define who we are but also how we are remembered.

Therefore, as we have established that our choices are critically important, it is of the up most importance that you choose the right hog roasting, spit roasting or combination roaster unit.

Over the years in the catering trade we have slowly expanded the range of hog roasting machines which we sell to the public. Beginning with a design from the warm and tropical climes of Australia, we have adapted and developed our machine product range in order to offer our customers the widest form of choice so that they can make the right decision when it comes to purchasing their hog or spit roaster.

Our smallest machine goes by the name of the Professional. Although being relatively small in size when compared and contrasted against its more significantly sized elder siblings, the Professional can still make light work of a 35 kilo pig or any other animal up to that weight. Able to be fitted with barbecue attachments, this ‘pocket-rocket’ really adds function and culinary flair to any barbecue enthusiasts armoury. Granted, it doesn’t suit the regular caterer aiming to cater for huge amounts of people with absolute bullet-proof durability and rigidity. Instead, it forms an ideal mobile barbecue unit that is versatile enough to roast for up to 100 people on a regular basis. Sharing many design features of the larger machines, the Professional aims to include those economically less proficient as well as those who wish to cater for garden parties instead of huge functions and events requiring a monstrously large amount of meat. The Professional is the machine of choice for the enthusiast as well as the occasional outside caterer.

The Zeus and Thor machines constitute the introductory and intermediary versions of the commercial catering units. These machines can make light work of an 85 kilo pig whilst roasting vegetables simultaneously. Epic members of the culinary world, these machines combine ultra tough stainless steels in areas of high wear and catering inspired tension. Other areas which are subjected to less industrial stress are made from coated steel, which not only drives the cost down for our customers, but also helps to make the machines look sensational.

The last in the series lies our commercial flagship model, the Titan. This machine is the ultimate in commercial catering. Coming entirely made from stainless steel, the Titan is practically indestructible. Its catering power is only exceeded by its build quality and effortless style.

So whatever your budget, whatever your hog roasting wishes, we have the machine to turn the traffic lights of your catering party green.