Why should I buy a machine for personal use?

Sometimes when you are thinking of making a major purchase, you may feel the need to justify the expenditure, and there is nothing wrong in doing so, especially in the current economic climate. That said, some things do not need much thinking about and the question ‘why should I buy a machine for personal use’ should surely read ‘why shouldn’t I’.

It may help if you have a little insider knowledge from the Spitting Pig team on this issue, because we are responsible for the incredible hog roast machines that you are considering purchasing. In fact we are the largest manufacturer of such machines in the UK, so we would know a thing or two about these!

You probably know the answer to this question already but ask yourself if you are likely to use the machine on a reasonably frequent basis. If you have got a good sized garden and have a significant number of good friends or relations then a hog roast machine could be a great way to help feed and entertain them in the future. A hog roast garden party is always a great excuse to get friends round, especially for events like summer parties or bonfire night. Just think about that, what great events you could put on with a quality hog roast machine at your disposal.

Of course, you may not be lucky enough to have a huge garden or a suitably large group of friends or family but you may be associated to an organisation or group where having a hog roast machine could be very handy indeed. We have heard of some great events held at schools where hog roast has been a huge success. It’s no surprise that children love hog roast for its fantastic taste but many school events are attended by lots of adults too, and that means lots of people to feed and therefore lots of ways to generate funds for the school. The same applies to any charity or organisation where you need to feed plenty of people. Scots, guides, ramblers, sports clubs are all examples that may apply to you. We have even heard of a keen amateur astronomer who bought a machine so he could hold regular hog roast stargazing evenings with his friends. That really is an out of this world idea!

Another good reason why you should invest in a machine is if you are considering a life as a hog roast caterer and want to see if it is something that you’d be interested in. Well, one of the best ways to get a feel for it is to try it out by buying a machine. You could start off doing family and friends events with people you know and see how you go on. You should soon get to grips with everything and soon know if it is the career for you. And even if you decide it is not, you will still have a fantastic machine for special occasions. Should you buy a machine? Of course you should!