Why are your machines the ones to buy?

Our machines are the best on the market, because no one else has the experience of what you as a chef need from a machine, we have been cooking pigs for over twenty five years, and it shows in every aspect of all of our machines. From the size of the machine, being able to manoeuvre the machine through someone’s side gate into their back garden, and our unique steering mechanism, we have designed a super strong steering mechanism that we have protected with copyright which enables one person to move the machine very easily with a simple handle, our machines are the only ones on the market that have a steering mechanism, we insisted on having this on our machines because we know how much easier it makes life when you are moving the machine around, if you can imagine the weight of a machine when there is a pig of 80 kilos inside it, this is a real advantage to buying one of our machines, and for those people who are not planning on moving the machine around much, we can do a stand instead of the steering mechanism, which saves money.

Another great aspect of our hog roast machines is the different uses, all of our machines can either hog roast a pig or spit roast a pig meaning that depending on the event you are doing, you can choose whichever is best for you, and it gives you the capability to cater many more events, like farmers markets for example, if you are serving the pig from early in the morning and you need to be cooking from six hours before, the hog roast tray is a great way for this because you don’t need to have electricity. We also have attachments like our chicken spit attachment, which enables you to cook up to thirty five chickens in two and a half hours, or joints of meat, or jacket potatoes. We also do a BBQ attachment, which enables you to BBQ on your machine.

The great thing about our machines is that all of the attachments can be added at any time, they all just simply slot on, or fit on with a couple of nuts and bolts. Absolutely everything we manufacture is a stock item and when it is ordered it is delivered with you the next working day. We also guarantee all of our equipment for twelve months, giving you peace of mind that all of our equipment is of the highest quality. All of our machines are CE marked and come with a brass plaque with the CE number on and the individual serial number of your machine meaning that even if you have purchased a 2nd hand machine off eBay, if you call us we can tell you the age of your machine, and who the original owner was, and which attachments were purchased when the machine was new. We also manufacture all our machines in house which means that we can bring all the costs down because there are no middle men. So in brief, there really is no reason why you would ever buy a machine from anywhere else. Not only are our machines the best on the market but they are also the cheapest and you have total peace of mind.