Why buy a machine when the UK weather is awful?

The British weather. It seems to be the perennial topic of conversations in shops, offices and streets the length and breadth of the nation. Not bad considering that our weather is so universally unpopular. It is no surprise that England is considered the ‘green and pleasant land’ because we get so much rain. Just look back at our recent summers and you begin to realise that summer now usually means a couple of weeks’ mild weather, a few days hot weather and about four or five weeks of overcast days with showers. It’s not very good, we agree.

But you don’t need to let that put you off from making a really great investment in a hog roast machine. When we see a few raindrops on the window at Spitting Pig HQ, we don’t care because we know that our legions of hog roast caterers can get on with their jobs regardless and that’s because hog roast machines do not have to be outside! Yes, you may have been thinking that hog had to be undertaken outside but, providing you have a good sized area to cook in, inside is fine. In fact most hog roast events take place inside at hotels and halls. We have had reports of many outdoor events where the heavens have opened and the event had to be moved indoors. School fairs are a very common one for this scenario. But it is not a problem, and with our machines being wheeled for extra mobility, a quick transfer indoors is not a huge problem. So don’t let our lousy weather put you off, you can still hog roast if it’s raining cats and dogs (or hogs)!

But let us not forget that Britain has a reasonably mild climate and that we do experience some very good weather too. In fact when we do get lovely weather (and it does happen, really) then the United Kingdom can be as glorious a place to be as anywhere else in the world, so what a shame it would be if you could not take advantage of these momentous weather occasions by wheeling out your own machine. And let’s face it, has the British weather ever stopped the mass run down to the garden shed to whip out the barbecue on a summer’s Sunday evening? Of course not. There is nothing like a bit of alfresco dining even if the weather is more Morecambe than Madrid. And what about all those music festivals? Does the British weather stop those music lovers from flocking in their thousands to see their favourite bands? Of course not, in fact you are very likely to see a few hog roasts going on at those events either outside or in marquees, so worry not. Embrace the British weather rather than fear it and make sure that when the sun does creep out, you are fully prepared with a hog roast machine.