How do I know that my machine will last?

In the competitive world of engineering design and manufacture, the notion of an engineered products longevity is an exceptionally important and significant factor in the minds of those about to make the purchase.

For a long time, centuries in fact, Britain led the way in innovative design and manufacturing practices. With the Royal Navy pushing the boundaries in terms of production capabilities and technological advancement, the rest of the nation followed suit in nearly all aspects of industrial capability. Due to this, Britain went on to secure the largest empire in the history of mankind. Exporting our engineering prowess abroad was the norm for many centuries, yet this is not the case in today’s society.

Now, other nations, such as India and China, have adopted the stance of the dominator in many matters regarding engineered products. Though still not being of the same relative quality obtained by Britain through the ages, these new industrial powers can produce their products very cheaply. Flooding the markets with everything from tooth brushes to cars, these nations also make hog roasting machines, and they ought to be avoided.

The Spitting Pig Company prides itself on the quality of its engineered products. We have always aimed to be at the forefront in terms of innovation and, most importantly, build quality. Since the early days of our commercial catering enterprise, nearly two decades ago, we have always been dismayed at the hog and spit roasting machine products that surrounded us. Once we started to formally build our own machines in our in house design and manufacturing plant we were able to control every aspect of our machine manufacture. Taking an Australian design and completely overhauling it down to the very last bolt, we were able to radically improve the performance credentials of the machines in every way.

By utilising super-tough stainless steels in our construction, the body panelling and high wear components benefit from the type of durability that only steel can give when relating to the thermodynamic properties which must also be adhered to. having to have machines that both look good and have the optimum in terms of performance longevity, meant that we had to find a new approach as regards the intricate tooling of the very hard to work stainless steel. This came in the form of laser tooling combined with computer numerical tooling. The introduction of this facet to our manufacturing back in the days when laser tooling was akin to star wars meant that we were able, in one swift but expensive stroke, to obliterate our competitors in the field of hog and spit roast manufacture. Since then, we have continued to utilise these methods in order to make our machines exceptionally reliable.

Due to having a focus within the sphere of catering at hog roast catered events, with our own team of highly trained chefs and event planners, we were able to continually improve our machines as we learnt from each and every event. A major performance point was, and still is, durability. We use our own machines at our own events and have done for nearly twenty years. The level of machine durability we have reached today is simply exceptional, echoed within our comprehensive warranty which accompanies every machine purchase.