How versatile are your machine’s as regards use by both mobile and static caterers?

The notion of versatility comprises one of the most important aspects of both the static and mobile caterer alike. In an industry which has many service providers (with even the spit and hog roasting trade becoming an arena where a significant number of participants play their catering roles), it is imperative that the successful caterer has the ability to adapt and shift to suit the needs and wishes of their clients. Without this capability, vast amounts of revenue may be lost, potentially leading to the cessation of trading from that particular catering service provider. Having been in this business and being well established means we have seen this happen time and time again, to many caterers out there.

Our past customers include a large number of mobile caterers. As we started off as mobile caterers ourselves, we completely understand the need for versatility. After all, it was our versatility in the field of catering that got us to where we are today.

Our static customers include many restaurants who wish to serve meat that is cooked to beyond an expected level. These restaurant clients include Jamie Oliver’s Italian on Canary Wharf in London, where meats are roasted and served to the most discerning of palates. With the needs of the static caterer being slightly different, the benefits of our design and manufacturing process have helped us to steal the show time and time again. By operating with our adaptive laser machining techniques, we have been able to combine style and function with absolute catering capability. Our brushed stainless steel machine bodies combined with their viewing panels make for a beautiful spectacle. This triumph of design and function is achieved through the super-tight tolerances that our laser and computer controlled machining permits. Through such precise engineering, our machines combine the beautiful spit roasted method of flame roasting meat, whilst producing an aesthetic effect that will happily form the centrepiece of the most attractive of kitchens. Great for kitchens where restaurant diners can observe the chefs at work, this machine can and does perform as well on the move as it does in one place.

Mobile wedding caterers have, and still do, formed the majority of our commercial hog and spit roasting machine customers over our machine sales period. The ability to cook various meat whilst roasting vegetables on a vast scale has made it a must have for many of our affiliates. The large cavernous body facilitates masses of space as regards the roasting of potatoes, which really benefit from the basting juices which flow from the animal above. With a great storage and draining device, any excess fluids can be stored and neatly drained away after service, ensuring no drips on any floors at any time. The numerous attachments which we supply allow 35 chickens to be roasted at once! As well as the function which allows the roasting of a large amount of roasted beef joints, the culinary capability of our commercial machines is unbelieveable!

Couple this with its great looks, super-tough durability and its ease of mobility, and you can see why it’s the perfect player in the catering game, whether mobile or static.