Do your machines constitute a sound investment?

In today’s society we are often faced with the scenario of a purchase denoting an economic return. Far from being a lone purchase, we are forced to ask ourselves whether the profit we derive from the initial expenditure makes the initial purchase viable. In catering this has always been the case, which is why we have always insisted on providing our customers not only with a hog roast, spit roast or combination roast machine; but handing them an investment package, a nest-egg and a hog roast machine chicken which lays golden pigs instead of eggs.

Our vast range of precision tooled machines constitute and form the market leaders in terms of performance, build quality, efficiency and beauty. Through our mass production techniques we have managed to drastically reduce our costs which we have passed on to you, our customers. Another facet of this method of production, when coupled with our high levels of scrutiny in the form of quality control, is the increased levels of quality. So much so that we’re inviting you to come and have a look at how they’re made before you com mit to buying one. The attention to details is something we’re known for and something we pride ourselves in.

Our machines constitute an exceptionally sound investment. And here’s why. Where just two decades ago Britain was seen as a ‘black-hole’ in terms of cuisine, now we are on the rise, as our ingredients and chefs fast become the best in the world. With this shift has also come the emergence of a elative degree of culinary enlightenment within the broader British population as a whole. Where previously, many would’ve been happy to have sit down catering with little emphasis on food quality, now people are yearning for local and rustic food. Along with this is the idea that formality can take a back seat in favour of quality. The hog roast fits this societal shift like a duck to water, as there is nothing finer than slow turned, flame spit roasted meat. Fact. Also, the theatre provided in such a method of cooking entails the notion that the hog roast, as well as being historically relevant entirely, is the way forward. All you have to do is buy a machine and be a part of it.

Due to our hog roast machines being so tough and durable, as well as being easy to use and exceptionally easy to clean (especially if you buy a Titan), the hire market is a great resource as regards the owners of a commercial hog machine. Able to charge a handsome sum per hire period, the owners of a commercial machine can enjoy the benefits of the hire market, whilst resting assured that their machine will carry on working, again and again.

Our machines have never constituted a better investment. These machines can truly make their money back in a couple of months, the build quality, combined with their comprehensive warranties help to make these the biggest culinary ‘no-brainer’ of an investment available.