A Few Factors To Consider

When choosing a hog roasting machine there are quite a few factors to consider one is the size as you have to think of the size of the venue you are wishing to hog roast in and whether the machine will be able to fit into say the door way, this important factor is some times not considered that is why we have a selection of hog roasting machines to choose from going from small, medium and then to large. The spitting pig offer a selection of machines all our machines come with robust heavy duty wheels which are of the utmost important especially if you are catering out door and you need to push the machine over grass or gravel small flimsy wheels just would not be able to move the machine another factor most don’t consider but we at The Spitting Pig, consider all those factors when designing our machines. The main thing to think of I how many are you catering for? If it is only a small event then opt for our smallest machine and if you wish to cater for lots of people choose our biggest with our accessories the machines take on a new life and now you can cook virtually anything on them, not just a pig but dozens of chicken, duck, or lamb at once with the aid of or special attachments which are so easy to use you are away in no time. Baked potatoes are like nothing you have ever tasted before crispy skins and fluffy soft potato each potato cooked at the same and in half the time of a conventional oven and did I mention you can cook hundreds at a time! Our machines are all manufactured by us so you have no worries if your machine ever did break and you needed a park rest assured we would have the part. Hog roasting is becoming so popular and especially with the weather getting that bit nicer we are all starting to think of eating out doors and with our machines you can also cook out door roll, on the summer!