Platinum Machine Purchase for a Music Festival Catering Company!

We’ve just heard back from a pair of very happy campers who recently purchased one of our robust and versatile Platinum hog roast machines! Tony and Gail run their own music festival catering company and spend most of the year on the road providing tasty outdoor food on the festival circuit. They felt the time had come to invest in a new piece of cooking equipment that would help them to stay one step ahead of the competition and they had several important requirements-it needed to be easy to transport, it needed to be have the capacity to feed a lot of people, and most of all, it needed to help them to produce delicious, freshly cooked food in the great outdoors.

Platinum In UseAfter speaking to a member of our experienced customer service team, they found everything they were looking for in our Platinum machine. Not only is it able to cook two whole pigs in one go and feed hundreds of people with ease, it is also versatile enough to do several things at once. They found that being owners of the Platinum has made their lives so much easier, because it isn’t just great for cooking meat. It can also be used to prepare side dishes at the same time (including up to two hundred jacket potatoes in one go!) and be used as a barbeque whilst a large joint of meat is cooking in the bottom compartment.

Tony and Gail think the Platinum has done wonders for their catering business and has increased the scope of what they can offer, both terms of the items on their menu and the amount of people they can feed in one go. It has helped them to freshly cook most of their food on-site and make a lot of festival-goers very happy in the process!

With a busy summer ahead, they feel confident that their food is going to take the festival circuit by storm thanks to their new Platinum machine and they can’t wait to continue wowing the crowds with their food!