Our Titan Range

The titan range is one of our most successful products in the hog roast machine market, having sold many of them for many years it is a top rated catering unit. With the ability to cook spit and hog roasted meats and added extras they are a great quality of machinery.

With a glass viewing panel on one door it’s easy to view your cooking product and great for your customers to see what they’re about to eat, slow roasting in an all stainless steel, sleek designed hog roast machine. This also means that whatever you cook, you can keep an eye on easily so that you know it will be cooked to perfection every time.

The titan is easy to move around so getting it to your place of cooking should never be a problem. With four heavy duty wheels, two of them movable with a sturdy steering mechanism the titan machine can go almost anywhere. So whether it’s on a rocky beach or up a winding garden the titan machine is perfect for being able to cook at most locations.

Opting for a titan hog is very popular, as this way you simply can’t go wrong. You put your chosen food into the tray, turn on the machine and watch your food being cooked to perfection. This is great for those busy people that have a lot to fit into a day, but want a great meal in the evening. Alternatively the titan spit is a great machine, being able to spit roast your chosen food is a healthy and delightful way to cook any meal and really adds a wow factor to any catering event. Being able to see your food turning on the spit pole really looks the part and the end result is unique in every way.