An Array Of Shapes And Sizes

Hog roasting machines come in an array of shapes and sizes and designs you must be very careful when choosing one. Look for the seal of approval the CE stamp, which must accompany every machine. The Spitting Pig are specialists in machinery and there is nothing you cannot tell us about hog roasting machines! All our machines come with attachments to enable you cook with ease. The pig is the firm favourite to cook on the fantastic spit and is what is most used in hog roasting but clip on a few attachments and your machine turns in to a BBQ! With the special plate you can cook burgers, sausage, steak, and then can be kept warm on the special hot plate ready for when your guests are ready to eat, long gone are the old fashioned smoky BBQ environment as our machines run on gas and produce clean cooking with no smoke! Clip on another attachment and you can then cook 40 chickens at once! Yes you did read correct all cooked at the same time and perfect, why stop there vegetable kebabs are to die for and are scrumptious and go down so well with the meat add some sauce and dips and you have the perfect feast that everyone young and old alike will enjoy. The machines are specially engineered and a lot of thought has went into each one we want our machines to be safe as safety is a must and cannot be compromised, we also want our machines to be easy to use and they are you don’t need to be the worlds best cook to use them either a novice or the worlds finest chef would enjoy using our machines! All our machines are easy to clean and polish to perfection with the wipe of a cloth and really do impress! If you are thinking of buying or hiring a machine then look no further we are a well established company with years of experience and knowledge and one you can trust we supply and manufacture the best machines the UK has to offer.