Hire Or Buy ?

The spitting pig company are caterers and manufactures of hog roasting machines we have our fingers in everything and are professionals taking care in all we do and making sure our customers are happy. Firstly let me explain our premises we are well known in the area and our factory is thriving supplying the locals in the area with jobs we like to always give something back to the local community. We have a growing workforce of factory workers, engineers and others that working on the catering side too! One big happy family all looking out for one another and all pulling together to make the Spitting Pig the success it is today. We have a wonderful website which receives hundreds of visits each and every week and we promptly answer every single email quickly. A lot of thought has went into our website and we leave nothing to chance everything is explained and we have lots of lovely colour photographs showing off our catering the food looks delicious and we really put in the effort and have a great web team who are there whenever needed updating useful information regularly. We have a free phone telephone number which we can be contacted on your phone call will be answered immediately and our advisors can answer your queries quickly and efficiently so you know that there is always some one there to talk to if you are having problems. The spitting pig are one of the countries most well known hog roasting companies and each of the machines carry the CE stamp of approval so you know you are buying a safe and reliable machine. We can cater for you or with our help you can cater yourself, impress friends and family with skills you didn’t know you had! Show them what a great chef you are but we will let you into a secret you don’t have to be anything of the kind anyone can operate the machines and you don’t have to be a good cook either. Why not pick up the phone and have a chat we look forward to chatting with customers it makes our day. You have the option to hire the machine to cook the pig yourself or if you have a few events coming up this year it could be more cost effective to purchase the machine, this way whenever a special occasion arrives you will never need to worry about the catering again as a hog roast machine can be used for any event!