Hog Roast Derby – Titan Purchase

In addition to our catering business did you know Hog Roast Derby are also leading manufacturers of hog roasting equipment across the UK? Our designs are amongst the most sought after machines thanks to their durability, efficientness and ease of use. We design and build our machines from our factory in the heart of Lancashire where we work with our team of engineers and consult our chefs, who are the ones using the machines, to build only the most intuitive designs possible, built with the consumer in mind, these machines require no more than an hour training and you will be ready and raring to go to cook your first Hog Roast Derby.

Hog Roast DerbyThis week we received a visit from Rory who was looking to purchase one of our Hog Roast Derby machines. He told us he had been looking to invest in a machine for some time now as he was looking for a way to expand his own catering business and after seeing the success of Hog Roast Derby he thought hog roasting was the way forward- we had to agree with him and welcomed him in to take a look around and try out our various machines. People are often surprised to learn of our extensive range of machines and various different attachments, but we always work with our clients to help them choose the perfect machine for their needs.

As Rory was a fellow caterer, we recommended some of our larger machines to him that have the capacity to really scale up an event when needs be. Amongst the machines we recommended were the Platinum, Titan and our classic Hogmaster machine. Each of these machines is used daily by our Hog Roast Derby catering teams and so there’s no one who knows how these machines work better than we do.

After a quick demo and crash course, Rory chose to purchase the Titan. This is our mighty yet efficient machine, ideal for caterers and thanks to its intuitive design it doesn’t take long to master. Rory will be collecting his machine in a couple of weeks time and we can’t wait to hear how he gets on!